Ain’t nothing going on but the rent

We might be so cold and poor that we’re covering ourselves in knock off Deep Heat and Lidl cling film, but we always make the rent. That’s according to a survey by LSL property services, who owns several letting agencies.

pay rent

Private rent arrears have fallen to the lowest in 5 years in England and Wales, despite rents being the highest in a MILLION YEARS (citation probably needed). It seems that the majority of us are behaving ourselves and paying it, rather than splurging our cash on bingo and Tennents Super.

Between September and October, rent arrears dropped by £49m. With the average rent at £758 a month, it’s no mean feat to actually pay it on time, every time. But we’re tightening our belts and getting on with it. The fact that LSL’s figures are based on rent being paid EXACTLY on time, and not a single day late, must mean that we are becoming Martin Lewis style experts at budgeting.

Yes, so we have probably sold all the furniture and we’re huddled in the corner with a tin of Tesco Basics chickpeas while David Cameron cavorts around in his new gold hat, but you’ve got to admire our ability to keep going in a financial crisis.

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  • Sam
    Sorry that should have said "energy bills". "Energy gas bill" isn't a thing :P

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