Admiral reduce premiums by 11%

admiral3 Insuring your vehicle is a dear-do, and the competition in car insurance is hotter than ever. With that, Admiral (who also own have noticed that their sales are falling across the group.

There's been a 6% increase in customers, but a 7% fall in sales, so to keep some customers, and maybe win some more, Admiral have decided to reduce premiums by 11%.

Chief executive Henry Engelhardt said: “The UK car insurance market remains competitive and consumers continue to benefit."

"We continue to focus on customer service and retention and as a result we were pleased to grow customer numbers by 2 per cent in the quarter. Growth outside the UK remains strong and we are happy with the progress we are making."

It's a good time to switch if you're unhappy with your current package.

A recent report showed that, across the whole sector, premiums in the UK car insurance market fell by 19% in the first 3 months of 2014 compared with last year. Shop around and, if you're going to use a price comparison website, use more than one because some are owned by parent companies who make sure cheaper rivals don't appear in their results, ahem.


  • moss
    strangely enough, my admiral quote was cheaper on moneysupermarket than it was from maybe they'd make more money if they paid less to their comaparison site. also they are not on quidco / topcashback which might put a lot of people off
  • Wilko
    I just had my renewal quote from Admiral. Last year £400, this year £1600. Obviously I told them to fuck right off and went elsewhere, with a quote for £220 from esure. So I'm sorry Admiral you bunch of bastards you've lost me for life.
  • Dave
    Had a renewal on wifes 1 year car, £287.00 and did an online comparison and £180 ! Both Admiral. Oh and the customer service was in U.S.

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