Abbey tells customer to keep his money in a rusty biscuit box

No, Abbey didn't really say that. I've gone and sexed up that headline like some slithering tabloid hack. Not that it's a million miles from the truth, according to Bitterwallet reader Gidon:

My debit card has started to crack and before it becomes unusable I decided to ask them to provide me with a replacement. The only way they can do this apparently is by cancelling my current card with immediate effect.

However as I have just explained to the manager this is useless as while I wait for a new card I will be without access to my funds at cash machines. The average delivery time for a new card is over a week.

I was advised to take out all the funds I need for the coming week and leave it at home. I explained to the manager that the purpose of a bank is to hold my funds securely rather than having to hide it under my mattress as she was suggesting.

Banks will automatically send replacement cards when the expiry date on a current card is near; nobody gets in touch to ask if you'd destroy your current card because a replacement is on the way. So why is Abbey telling a customer they can only send a new card if the current card is cancelled? It isn't lost or stolen.

Two years ago Abbey received a huge number of complaints concerning their lack of care concerning replacement cards; this is a different situation though. It's been a while since anyone in the office had to do it, so is it routine to have to cancel a debit card before you can order a replacement? Perhaps my Granddad was right to keep his money in a tin on the mantelpiece. Then again he's now dead, so it didn't do him any favours, did it readers?


  • Narcissus
    Fuss over nothing. If he needs money that badly he can go to the counter with any form of accepted ID and withdraw from there. It's a fucking week, not a year, take out £300 and stop complaining. Fucks sake.
  • Ian
    Time of the month Narcissus?
  • Paul D.
    Sounds like a first class prick to me. Take better care of your card you bell-end. Draw your weeks wage of £47.50 and keep it in your fucking wallet. FFS.
  • Hmm...
    You say take care of your card, but has anyone noticed how appallingly thin the new HSBC current account Visa Debit cards are. The plus account ones are lovely and thick and have a red rim, the normal once are so poorly made it's ridiculous.
  • Steff
    1,3 lol I wouldn't like it if I was in the same situation as the guy in the story simple as that!!!! what if there is a bargain on HUKD and I do not have my card? Maybe I don't have other cards
  • Joe S.
    Used to work for a bank (not Abbey) in the back office "branch breaks it we fix it team" doing all sorts - had situations like this a few times a month where we were meant to cancel a card and then issue a new one. However, we were able to (by a slight trick) issue a new card without cancelling the old one - which we did on a few occasions for nice customers. That said, staff in the call centre etc... could only cancel and issue a new one. So doesn't surprise me.
  • Ian
    Sounds reasonable to me. Maybe a little annoyance, but not worth telling anyone about. This site shouldn't become a long list of all the annoyances members have had during the day. I for one aren't complaining about having to wait 10 minutes on hold to HSBC.
  • SimbaK2K
    Moan moan moan. If this is the worst of his problems then he has too much bloody time on his hands. There are far far worse things happening everyday then this waste of a page story. I hope his money gets nicked.
  • Yam
    I used to work for abbey, and you ccould issue a card without having to cancel the previous one, altho if you were on your 9th card, you could only cancel and reissue and the system couldnt count to 10.
  • Amanda H.
    My poo didnt flush today.
  • Bullet
    ^^ Now thats a something to complain about ^^
  • SpecSavers
    "Posted by Hmm... | August 26th, 2009 at 5:29 pm You say take care of your card, but has anyone noticed how appallingly thin the new HSBC current account Visa Debit cards are. The plus account ones are lovely and thick and have a red rim, the normal once are so poorly made it’s ridiculous." I have both, one is a joint account and the other is my own, and both cards are the same thickness/thinness. Maybe you just got unlucky.
  • Dave
    Happened to me last month. My card cracked and I phoned up for a replacement. The women on the phone told me that my usual replacement for my nearly expired card was sent to me a month ago. As it had not arrived she cancelled my current card and the missing one. My problem was that I was due to go into hospital the next day for a knee op that would see my stuck for at least a week, maybe more. My internet banking was useless as the log in details had also been cancelled. I survived the 10 days until the new card came but then had to phone to ask them why I had not received my online banking new passwords. They had forgotten to order them. Another 10 day wait. Annoyed the hell out of me but wasn't the end of the world. I imagine for anyone about to go on holiday it could be a real pain.
  • john b.
    most pointless topic ever post something original please
  • Barry
    What a twat! So he has to carry more than a tenner - grow up!
  • ScottC
    John B - welcome to BitterWallet! And agreed - what a complete and utter waste of ten minutes of my life. If you lose or break a card, this is exactly the situation.
  • Jase
    Must just be for Abbey. I'm with Barclay's and everything was fine. I deposited some money at a local branch, and the guy saw my card was abit knackered (Signature section completely rubbed off). He saw that my card wasn't due to be replaced for a good couple of months, and sent in a request for a new one to be delivered. I was able to use my old card whilst all this happened, new card came in the post, destroyed the old and began using the new without a hitch. Whole load of bollocks at Abbey if you ask me.
  • Jase
    Also, who wants to carry cash?! I'm good with my budgeting, but I prefer to pay by card so I can tick stuff off on my monthly statement and see exactly what I'm spending my money on. With a cash withdrawl, its a rounded amount so whatever I buy it always produces some amount of change. Managed to raise £10 in 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p just from random cash purchases (nights out etc.) Card purchases all the way!
  • Gidon
    you guys are so mean :(
  • Mewling P.
    If he cracks plastic, what's he gonna do with paper money??? Set it on fire? Give it to some orphans so they can make a fire, you winey old bastard.
  • Alice C.
    FUCKING PRICK! Like others have said, it's a fucking week mate, draw you money out of your 1st saver account for your sweets, comic and your Friday chippy tea stick it in your he-man purse and shut the fuck up you simple little twat! Fucks sake.
  • Saviour S.
    I work for a bank (not saying which one), and when I get a customer on the line about a damaged card (not lost or stolen), this is the advice I give and what every bank should be giving:- "I will send a replacement out to you. The card you currently have will still be active until you use the new one. You can still use ATMs and in shops, if not too badly damaged, but you cannot make over the phone or over the internet purchases, until you receive the replacement, because the security code and expiry date will be different on the new card, although the card no. and PIN remain the same." Every bank does the same. The only reason for a cancelled card is for a lost / stolen situation, or advisor error. Simple crux of it is, make sure you feel you have explained the situation to the advisors before you let them do anything to ensure that they carry out your instructions properly.
  • reel
    Yet another pointless article, 2 minutes of my life wasted
  • a p.
    I replace my current account card regulary with Lloyds TSB, at least 3 times a year. I just keep it in my back pocket without a wallet and it ALWAYS get broken. Never had a problem with using the old one while the new one is being sent. Customer service say that the old one will automatically cancelled after 2 weeks and that is the case. I can use both cards, either online or otherwise, without any problems within that 2 weeks (and receieving the new card of course). I must be on my 30th card now in the 10 years i've been with this bank! I have only lost my card once, had to cancel it and wit the 7 days or so for a replacement. (I did actually find it again a few weeks later) That weeks wait was a nightmare for sourcing funds (and no internet payments!) so I sympathise with Paul at his banks failure to provide a simple solution. I wouldn't be in a real mess if this was my bank. Or, maybe a I should start using a wallet.
  • Alice C.
  • Stonehead
    A week? That's nothing to worry about. Abbey detected an attempt at defrauding our accounts, prevented it and put stop on our cards, e-banking and phone banking. Excellent, you might think, except they didn't tell us. And even when they did tell us, their call centres and branch staff told us a multitude of differing stories about what would need to be done. Twenty-one days on, yes 21, and we still have no access to our money. Abbey's staff now tell us it will be a further four weeks before they can start new accounts for us. Try getting enough cash together to keep everything going for seven weeks! And it's not helped when quite a few bills can only be paid electronically. With Abbey unprepared to do anything, the ombudsman saying wait eight weeks and the FSA saying it's nothing to do with them, all I can do is blog, tweet, and use the press to harass the bank.

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