Deathwatch - A Quick Barclays At The End Of The Day...

News breaking RIGHT BLOODY NOW – Reuters are reporting that Barclays are axing 2,100 jobs from their UK investment arm.

This follows the shedding of 400 London-based Barclays IT staff last week. Although the bank have been claiming they’re not affected by the Cr***t Cr***h and recently refinanced by selling a 30% portion of the bank to Arab investors for £7.3 billion.

One of the investors is the owner of Manchester City – could Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan be importing the legendary Curse Of City into one of Britain’s biggest banks?


  • Tom
    Would hardly say it is in touble! Extreme media views lol
  • Bill
    Exactly Tom! But what do you feel about the suggestion that there might be a curse at work?
  • Tom
    I think it could have terrible consequences. But I was told the other day that the curse can be broken by crushing chocolate cookies with a piece of granite.
  • Ant
    Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan only buys crap so Barclays could be in trouble!
  • Andy
    If they go under, do I have to pay off my overdraft? :P
  • Mike H.
    What a fuckin' shame, they should be greedy money grabing fucks in the first place!
  • Mike H.
    *'nt BTW
  • funny
    Its about time the guys responsible for the credit crunch got sacked. Now can all those others responsible be fired too. In any other industry any mistakes made on this scale would warrent an immediate dismissal. And while on the subject of banks, tell them to start lending or cut their state bailout.
  • gravy
    Looks like they just announced *another* 2,100 Job cuts.
  • Cam
    Not sure if you can say that Barclays were responsible for the credit crunch!

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