£179,932.32 for a Domino's pizza

dominos-logo When Domino's aren't passing Aldi potato wedges off as their own, they're clearing bank accounts with wildly expensive pizzas.

How much? Well, a teenager got the fright of his life when he thought he was buying a £17.99 pizza (still appallingly steep), when it actual fact, he was being charged £179,932.32.

Newport's Nathaniel Bolwell paid for his pizza with his Lloyds Bank card and crapped his load when he saw that his account had gone £179,020.80 into the red.

Seems Lloyds don't think it is weird for a 19 year old to fork out nearly £200k on something as they didn't flag it up, leaving Domino's to do the apologising (which they did with a refund and a £100 in compensation).

Bolwell told the Beeb: "I couldn't believe my eyes. How did it allow Domino's to take all that money? Not even the poshest meal in the poshest restaurant would cost anything like that even if I took all my friends and family out."

"I thought I was about £400 in credit but it told me I was massively overdrawn. I took a print-out of the statement and rang the bank straight away."

A spokeswoman for Domino's said: "This was immediately flagged by our merchant provider due to the amount and a reversal of funds was put in place. Unfortunately the payment was authorised by the customer's bank. We understand that this has now been completely resolved and we apologise for any inconvenience caused."

A spokesman for Lloyds Bank stopped swimming through coins like Scrooge McDuck for long enough to say that the bank "sincerely regretted a significant level of distress and inconvenience" they had caused.


  • CMC
    Was his PIN 3232, by any chance?
  • tin
    fella's PIN is 3232 then....
  • Richard
    lol that his pin is obv 3232 :-P
  • God
    Why is it the banks will stop a payment if it puts you as little as 2p over your limit, but (and it has happened to me) allows through massive debits that take you far into the red??
  • Andy A.
    Pretty obvious scam at the Domino's outlet to get someone's PIN - this is also something that happens at petrol stations as well. "Oh sorry mate, that was a mistake, it hasn't go through - could you just try again for me" People are just stupid and quite freely give that information away. Stupid d1ck - his own fault

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