YouTube buys Directr, helping people to make videos

Google want to give advertising a shot in the arm because, frankly, there isn't enough advertising revenue in the world that could sate Google's appetite.

And so, they have allowed YouTube to buy out Directr, which is a video-editing start-up. Basically, Directr is a mobile app that helps small businesses create marketing videos and adverts.

It is currently a paid-app, but Google have vowed that it'll be free once Directr has been engulfed by YouTube. There's a video about it all too, which you can see below. Yes. Of course it is a tweefest.

On its blog, Directr says: "For now, everything you love about Directr is staying the same and we’ll continue to focus on helping businesses create great video quickly and easily. One immediate bonus: Directr will soon be all free, all the time. Thanks, YouTube!"

Does this mean we're going to get a load of badly-shot pre-rolled adverts over everything now, with some carpet salesman yelling at you from behind a Super 8 filter?

What do you think?

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