You could come up with the next Pepperami ad. Even if you're a plumber from Barnsley.

Crowd-sourcing then. A modern way of drawing upon the expertise of many to come up with a distinct solution. Or if you’re Unilever, the manufacturers of Pepperami, a sneaky way to get material for a new ad on the cheap.

Unilever have announced that they’ll no longer be employing the expensive, hot-shot ad agency Lowe London to come up with their promos, as they have done for the past 15 years. Oh no, they’ll be crowd-sourcing from now on. Come up with the best idea for their next ad and you’ll win $10,000 (about £6,100) – and we’re guessing that’s much less than Lowe London would have received for their troubles.

Matt Burgess, the managing director of Chrysalis UK, the division of Unilever that manages Peperami blahblahblah-ed: “This is not a stunt. As an ongoing way of making our content we are crowd-sourcing. A plumber from Barnsley could enter but so could people with strong serious creative intent.”

Oh how marvellous! A plumber from Barnsley! He’ll be delighted that he’s getting a chance, but are you sure he’ll know which end of the pencil to use? You patronising shitehawks.

None of this sounds like what we understand ‘crowd-sourcing’ to be – in fact it sounds more like a fucking ‘competition.’ Pepperami – it seems it's not actually a bit of animal, but a bit of a twat.


  • Alice C.
    Apparently, the Pepperami in the Polish ad is airbrushed white, as not to offend anyone.
  • The B.
    Do they have hot water in Barnsley?
  • Hmm...
    Pepperami - it's a bit of an animal. I'm just not sure which bit.
  • Zoofer
    ... but considering it's shape you could hazard a guess !!!!
  • Fukka
    Ok. Done: Macro/Close shot: rounded end of pepperami Pull back to reveal length of product Back further to reveal pepperami being squeezed from the expertly waxed-and-bleached, puckered ring of a Unilever exec, Said food item is then gobbled up, 2-girls-one-cup style (Cultural relevance! We're down with the information superhighwaynauts!), by a pair of blonde Latvian hookers. Close to Tagline. "Eat Shit," Can I have my cheque now please?
  • Scott
    Yes Barnsley does have hot water... as well as wheels and fire.
  • Dave S.
    Barnsley also has Pepperamis. However, we are too busy eating our slow roast quail with walnut purée washed down with Chateau Latour to bother with this junk food shit. Viva Yorkshire Illuminati
  • Mewling P.
    Close up of pepperami shouting at the camera... "I'M A FUCKING PLUMBER FROM BARNSELY.....AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Tagline... "Pepperami. It's a bit of a twat."
  • Andrew S.
    The RSS feed don't work in my browser (google chrome) how can I mend it?

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