Yes, it's the return of the packaging FAILs

5 August 2011

It's not a massively expensive gadget, but the X-Mi X Mini II is still a portable speaker at the end of the day, and as such you'd probably expect a company to take care when packing one to send through the post.

The thing is, that company probably isn't, which has graced the pages of Bitterwallet numerous times for their lack of packaging prowess. So when avid Bitterwallet reader Lee ordered a pair of the speakers after seeing an offer on Hot UK Deals, perhaps he shouldn't have been surprised to find his order knocking about in a pair of empty boxes:

Bitterwallet - play

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  • Dick
    One is left, one is right, and they must never come within a foot of each other. If they do ... global financial meltdown will occur. Surely everyone knows that.
  • Kris
    I had the same when I received an x-mini from
  • Paul
    I used to think the same, what a waste of a box and packaging. Then when I started sending products out myself, I discovered it was not economically viable or even at all possible to buy boxes the size and shape of all the different products I supplied.
  • sMac
    I've been meaning to email you guys a picture of how CEX sent me a MicroSD card in an A3! sized Jiffy envelope.
  • Ivan
    Paul, I think most companies are in the same position so they use packaging materials. Shredded paper, old newspapers whatever. Bit of nous needed.
  • Yue
    Play's packaging is one of the main reasons I've stopped using them. A massive delivery time (compared to a few years back) And usually duffed up in the post. Never buy a graphic novel from them, it's asking for trouble.

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