Xbox could pay you to watch adverts

xbox-reveal-540x303 Microsoft have filed a patent which could reward users for watching advertisements. The patent is called the 'Awards and Achievements Across TV Ecosystem' and it could well be tied in with the new Xbox.

The details released about the Xbox One mentioned the console's use for TV, along with the new Kinect system.

The patent stated: "Traditional television viewing experiences tend to be passive and do not frequently provide opportunities for a viewer to engage with the programming."

It added that the "proliferation of digital video recording devices" makes it difficult for advertisers to "introduce their advertisements to viewers." By monitoring the viewing habits of viewers, this new system could "encourage a user to watch one or more particular items of video content" by offering "awards and achievements."

Of course, using the word "achievements" suggests that Microsoft won't be doling cash out, but rather perhaps, in-game unlockable content, free gamer trophies or rewards like "coupons for an advertised product or service, or an actual product."

What do you make of that? Direct rewards for watching adverts? Does that seem like a fair trade?


  • Happy H.
    Won't matter to me - no XBoxOne in this house. Nor my mates, PS4 this generation......
  • Spencer
    ^ What he said ^ Been rocking both the ps3 and the 360 for years - but all the smart money is on sony to win this round...
  • Spencer
    Oh - and as for the pay to watch thing - I'm pretty much sure this will end up as a mandatory thing... but you pay to opt out. I'm sure I read an article on this a while back... The idea being that the 'unlockable' 'stuff is mandatory... but the only way you can progress or unlock a specific item/level etc is to watch a commercial. With the option of paying a premium to not have to endure the latest 'go compare' advert before continuing....
  • Jason
    Reminds me an awful lot of that Black Mirror episode. Gotta watch the adverts, slowly builds up your credits...or pay a shit load to dismiss them.

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