World's longest banner ad is infuriatingly clever

longest banner adBanner advertisements are a pain in the hole aren't they? Often placed strategically, so when you try getting to a homepage, you inadvertently end up rolling over an ad that starts singing and dancing at you... and you can't find the mute button on your computer fast enough.

Well, not all banner ads are annoying. In fact, some of them are annoyingly clever.

There's one of the BMW X3 which is billing itself as the world's longest banner ad and, well, aside from being really, really long, it actually preempts your behaviour and turns out to be rather smart indeed.

We won't spoil the joke of it. Instead, we'll direct you to click here to view the banner in all its clever-clever glory.

Feel free to get annoyed with it all the same.


  • Meh
    Read it, Meh
  • The B.
    Thanks for that, added to my adblock list.
  • PokeHerPete
    Cuntish advert for cuntish people
  • Mark C.
    Nice, an advert that perfectly represents the car it's trying to flog you, being unneccessarily large, not as clever as it thinks it is, and designed for smug cunts by other smug cunts.
  • tin
    OK I obviously miss the clever bit.....
  • brian
    click to flash for firefox blocks all flash content. When you want to view flash content just click on it. Simples.
  • whisky
    What a massive pile of wank.
  • Steve
    I had to click on it for it to work. Not so clever as I don't make a habit out of clicking on ads.
  • Steve
    And another thing, why don't BW links open in a new page?
  • luke
    sh1t, end of.......

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