Wifebeater takes a battering from Brown Ale...

Up in the north-east, they don't stand for any sort of pretentious, fancy-pants nonsense. And it's good to see that Stella Artois, that poncy Belgian upstart lager, has had its latest Newcastle-based ad campaign scuppered by a rival poster from the local Brown Ale. Do one, you chalice-wielding weirdos....




  • Dick
    King Arthur. And Jesus. That's who.
  • Indiana J.
    Don't fall for that trick Dick. It's just a carpenter's cup.
  • Avon B.
  • Mike H.
    You're a cunt if you drink either.
  • Knight C.
    Dick... He choose poorly...
  • Mary H.
    Who uses the word "bollocks" in advertising? We do, in the North east, cause we think we're 'ard by drinking water taken directly from the sewage system, when infact, we are secret Stella drinking faggots.
  • Biffa B.
    Y I yer hingie cunt ye. Divvna call me a mustard mitt.
  • Geography P.
    That image is clearly from New York. Newcastle Brown isn't a local NY ale...
  • DragonChris
    We do NY state inspections... O RLY?
  • Larsson
    Who really cares what you drink, lets get drunk. Those northern girls are good in the sack and love a bit of rough.
  • The B.
    When you say New York, you mean the State not the city right?
  • madge f.
    The ads not Newcastle based, it's in America. The beers not local, it's from Yorkshire and NBA call their glass a schooner. That's a fucking boat.
  • Dick
    You only need to look at the colour of the sky to know it is not in Newcastle.
  • Dick
    And "Newcastle - No Bollocks" sounds like something Sunderland fans would sing.
  • Steve
    Pity that NBA tastes like piss.
  • Exactly
    Tadcaster Brown Ale. By Heineken.
  • Mary H.
    Who uses the word "schooner" we do, because we're a bunch of cunts
  • Paul
    The North East does NY State inspections now? Seriously it's right on the frigging photo....
  • shoplifter
    The broon ale....in a half pint glass...fuck off poncies

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