Who fancies watching Worinedlve at the cinema?

No-one is really bothered about the new Wolverine film (face it - he's the Status Quo of superheroes), but, thanks to a cock-up by the people who put the adverts on buses, the next installment is inevitably about to get more press that it would've.

Starring 'Human Ghjac' too!
wolverine [twitter.com/_NE28]



  • fibbingarchie
    Eh....it's written in such a way that it only makes sense when wearing 3d specs. The clue's in the picture O_o
  • whasitoya
    ^ I really hope you're trying to make a shit joke and don't actually think that's what going on here.
  • So T.
    ^I think he's serious. Probably been drinking Tennant's.
  • Sideysid
    ^^^ fox/wolverine bummers
  • Chewbacca
    ^ Felcher
  • wOnKeY h.
    To be honest even I'm bored with the whole fox bumming thing these days.
  • WaNkY H.
    Not me. I love Foxes' classier c*nts.
  • Ian
  • Chewbie
    Flex wit da erb. WTF IS DID REAL?
  • So T.
    Foxes. Erb. Real. Tennant's. Felching. wibble

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