When the printers threatened to take over the world

If you’re a typical Bitterwallet reader, you’ve probably got a ring binder filled to bursting with your favourite stories from the site that you’ve diligently printed off from your desktop computer. Don’t be shy – we know you do it – we’ve got the stats.

But in 2009, we take the humble printer for granted, and if we come across one that doesn’t also scan, photocopy and send faxes to taxis we’re inclined to want to bring a hammer down upon it. Wasn’t always that way though.

Here’s a great feature we found that looks back at some of the gigantic pioneering printers from back in the day and how they were advertised. Take the Xerox 4000 (pictured). Looks like it would double up as a old-fashioned twin tub washing machine, but if it did, it would probably need to be 50 times the size it already is.

Take a look at the rest of the printers in the feature and have a long hard think next time you swear at your own 21st century machine next time it has a paper jam when you’re trying to print out one of our hilarious supermarket mis-price pics.

Go on, go and see your printer now. Give it a little kiss and tell it you love it.

[via Presurfer]

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