'What line of work is Bob in then....?'

'Dunno, think he sells tellies or something...'


[via @ALSBoy]


  • great s.
  • Chewbacca
    Slow news day BW?
  • dvdj10
    Bob's aerial adverts work clearly.
  • Aleksandr O.
    he needs new computermabob
  • Sicknote
    Does he offer a Cleveland steamer service with every aerial fitted...?
  • Nikey H.
    He runs a hotel where his room rates are £40 for 1 room £60 for 2 rooms And, no you can't ave 3 guv
  • AerialKnob
    Gotta be first in the phonebook eh, it's a war of the alphabet with these lazy customers. I'm thinking of setting up Adder Aerials to beat this guy, with some back story about previously being Snakes with Ladders. Poor i know. I get worse with drink.

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