What is your 'never again' brand or store?

no_entry Over on Reddit, an innocuous-looking thread has gone majorly huge over the past few hours, with over 8,000 comments already today. It’s called “What is your "never again" brand, item, store, or restaurant?” and it seems like a great idea for us to rip off here at Bitterwallet.

So, in your nicest handwriting, in the box below, tell us which is the company that you swear you will never use again, even if hell freezes over or if you’ve got your arm trapped under a rock and they’re the only ones that can release you.



  • Her L.
    Ryanair. Nice calendars, shit airline.
  • Alexis
    GBK Crap food, tiny portions, rip off prices, email comments ignored (despite asking for them on the menu!)
  • Shane
    Ryanair. It galls me that I have to pay twice as much to fly home to Ireland with other airlines but those fuckers at Ryanair finally tipped me over the edge when I watched them firstly take money from a woman travelling on her own with 2 kids and a buggy for priority boarding and then not providing ANY way for her to get down to the tarmac other than via steps, and then to charge people for "oversize" baggage that clearly was fine a few months ago. How convenient that the fuckers now have ATMs by the gate too. Fuckers.
  • Paul
    Tesco - they were reasonable at the turn of the century but I wouldn't cross the road to kick them now (especially when I can verbally do it from here #lazyboy)
  • Hugh G.
  • Chef R.
    Orange with their 'fuck you' style of customer service.
  • luke
    lol @ this attempt :)
  • Me
    BT a thousand times over for never understanding the word 'no' and continuing to phone me with the same offer once a month despite me telling them I don't want to touch them, Also they have annoying adverts and spewing wifi routers. Unfortunately trying to get a phone line connected in a non-cabled area is impossible without them but one day BT i'll be free of you.
  • Jimmy D.
  • Me, M.
    Orange, they put the prices up I stopped paying. Funnily enough, I've not heard anything from them since January, not even a bill.
  • Colin N.
    Even Helshaw - poor service, hidden costs and poor screening of second hand cars PC World / Currys - extended warranties, poor service and no comparison to amazon
  • RebelNine
    GBK = Gourmet Burger King? If so I wholeheartedly agree and if not then I nominate them as the company that I will 'never again' use.
  • Michael
    First Group (in particular, First Bus) - 50%+ fare rises in two years - Disgusting vehicles - Cut Services - Non-existent evening services - Miserable, unhelpful staff - Pathetic attempts at sticking to timetable - A piss-poor (ie, non existent) complaints procedure - Smelly people - Those ridiculous "buses are the future" ads Need any more reasons?
  • Sawyer
    Three and Barclaycard are both far too incompetant to be trusted with releasing my arm from a rock. Barclaycard would probably apologise unreservedly for the position of the rock, but that it was policy not to move it, whilst Three would try and sell me a new rock and suggest that I pass the old one to a friend to trap their arm under.
  • Sharon M.
    play.com for their "we might or might not deliver within the next decade" approach, and C0-Op for raping local supermarkets, upping prices and supplying absolutely bollocks products.
  • bob
    Tesco. A chavtastic shop.
  • Alex
    AdvancedMP3Players Took the money for an "open boxed product" (definition: as new, box has been opened) then cancelled the order and took over a week to refund the money. Email dialogue was unrepentant, comments about "why would you want second hand goods anyway?" didn't endear them. Refused to offer any goodwill gesture for breach of contract- as far as I was concerned the point where they took my cash they were legally obliged to supply me with the goods I paid for. Didn't even offer a discount on an unopened product, or an apology. And all that after I'd been a customer pretty much since day one. Smaller retailers have to excel at something, and if they can't do it with customer service, which doesn't cost them much, they're doomed and I hope AdvancedMP3players are doomed as a result of pissing me about.
  • Capability B.
    Santander. Wouldnt touch them with someone else's bargepole, let alone my own. Utterly, utterly incompetent. And arrogant with it.
  • Bored
    TalkTalk - Bunch of useless cunts. Darlows - Even more usless cunts!
  • Justin
    KLM - Worst passenger policy in the history of airlines. Habitual welcher on EU regulations for compensation. Deft at claiming things are out of their control when in fact they just can't run their business properly. Lost my luggage on numerous occasions; once took off without any luggage in the plane whatsoever. Told us after we landed on the other side of the world. Trapped us on a runway for 8 hours until they needed medical attention as people were collapsing due to heat exhaustion. Then spent 52 hours torturing me due to problems with my 6 hour flight. Apparently broken plane parts have nothing to do with passenger rights or maintaining an airline. GTH KLM. Just GTH.
  • Paddy
    Pixmania-utterly useless French cunts.
  • Jack T.
    Co-op. Fucking cunts.
  • Denny
    The Hut Group. Don't believe all the sales e-mails, you will be lucky if the item is really in stock. A total pain in the rear.
  • Spencer
    bitterwallet. Utter tosh written by cunts for cunts. cunts. Pizza express and Nando's.... could just be me but, way over rated and way overpriced. Also, Orange and Tesco with their 'yeah we're overpriced but if you don't like - fuck off' attitude. Cunts.
  • Bagpuss
    Orange, they dont' let minor details like the law or their own contracts with subscribers muddy the waters of what they want to do.
  • The B.
    Pixmania Santander Halifax TalkTalk Orange
  • JohnJ
    Renault - 2 year old car from new in '75- spares no longer made or available. After 8 years it was falling to bits with rust and dangerous to drive - scrapped. I have a long memory - so do my kids and relatives.
  • bushbrother
    Ryanair - I got tired of paying for everything any normal airline includes in the face value. Plus their attitude stinks.
  • JB
    BT - Hateful company. Simply hateful.
  • klingelton
    play.com their "you might have ordered this product - then again, you might not" and "you might have ordered it, we're going to charge you and not bother delivering it" and "ah yes, we see you pre-ordered this game 6 years ago, we don't have stock to fulfil this order, you're going to need to wait until our next shipment in 2063" useless. BMW - were once a name for quality, now it's rattly, shakey and shoddy - but still very expensive.
  • LuckyL
    Sony: overpriced products of inferior quality, closed standards, diabolical customer support and general contempt for their customers. But it looks like deservingly they are on their way to extinction anyway.
  • Marky M.
    Delta Airways, and Dixons. Incompetent shysters, both of them.
  • Mike
    CarCraft they repair there cars by nicking parts from other cars on the forecourt. And for there very predatory sales tactics. They follow you around the cars whilst you are browsing. Bought a car from them once for £8k after 12 months it needed £5k worth of repairs that just fell outside the waranty.
  • Gulbasaur
    Any Bank of America-backed credit card, just because I used to work for them and I know how delinquent they are. They used to pick out customers who weren't profitable and then ramp up their interest rates to make them cancel their account, or spend on it anyway and end up paying more. Their definition of a bad customer was one who wasn't profitable, rather than one who was clearly failing to make payments. "Good" customers got lower rates to encourage them to spend more. Responsible banking, my asparagus.
  • Pete D.
    @Mike - "there" - a reference to a location or place "their" - belonging to or relating to it's possessor/owner and just for good measure: "they're" - abbreviation of "they are".
  • Idi A.
    @ Pete Dantic Try using "its possessor" instead of "it's possessor". And then just fuck off anyway.
  • Jocky W.
    Mr Patels. £10 for four Tennetts Super. What a cunt.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Comet well for simply everything they dont do
  • The B.
    Woolworths. I'll never go back there again.
  • Stan L.
    IKEA Went in February looking for some fucking wooden thing, just got out today. Maze making cunts.
  • Bloke c.
    Any motorway service station. Add 10p per litre to any rational price, charge £5 for a fucking sandwich and then some cunt in an AA jacket tries to sell me membership on the way out. If it wasnt for the Truckers wank jobs I wouldn't bother stopping.
  • Mr. P.
    @ Jocky Wilson Oh I was waiting for YOU to pop up. You still keep buying it though, don't you? Cheers, pal.
  • Avon B.
    My local helium shop. Nobody will ever speak to me like that again.
  • Jobby
    Pixmania. Complete cunts. Some of the worst customer service i have ever experienced. French when they want to be, British when it suits them. Bunch of fucktard cunts. Don't trust them. Very.com are just as bad. Still waiting for the return to be collected after 3 weeks...
  • zacspeed
    I wouldn't give 3 the steam off my shit.
  • Martin
    Pixmania The AA Aviva
  • Neil
    seetickets.com crashes whenever a big event goes on sale, once crashed on me 4 times on the payment screen, I ended up getting charged 4 times. Shower of shite. It's not like they don't know that a huge event going on sale will lead to increased traffic.
  • Jabba
    TheHut.com - absolutely diabolical. On my first purchase, they advertised an item as 'in stock' to get the order and take payment, but didn't ship (presumably they didn't really have the goods). Refused to cancel the order, on the spurious pretext that it was 'in packing' - for 3 weeks. Order now cancelled, but no refund to be seen so far. Online I read that if it suits them they cancel orders without telling you. Their sister brand Zavvi baled out of the Britvic 'Reward Your Thirst' promotion last year, stiffing everyone who'd collected up tokens. Google them up before you buy from them. Then run a mile to a decent online retailer.
  • Michdude
    Ryanair and Orange. They have a stuff you attitude to customers...
  • Mr H.
    Where do I start with companys I would never buy from Ever again. Currys / PC world - Crap Sales, Crap After Sales, bugger all in stock apart from the stupidly over priced extended warranty and Monster Cables. Three - billed me for 3 months line rental after I had left them and only stopped when I threatened them with the telecoms ombudmen and legal action Talk Talk - Telephone support technicians that barely speak english, then dont know how to do their job even when it is reading off a screen. also Piss poor broadband speeds BT - non existant communication, constant Willy Waving about BT Infinity when they have such a large area of the country which can only just get ADSL Play.com - Lies about Delivery details, orders cancelled with no warning or reason. Morgan Computers / IJT Direct show items as in stock when they blatantly are not and then lie to you about delivery dates and Take a lifetime to refund. Sony - mentality that the customer is always a criminal, complete incompetence with customer information, I think that will do for a while
  • Yoshi
    Santander by a long long way. LOSE my isa, attempt to CHARGE me to look for it, refuse to return my calls, tell me that I cant have an appointment with anyone and the person I need to see is off sick or fully booked, then fail to answer a single email regarding my complaint - every enquiry met with an appauling attitude. Mini rant complete!
  • Joe
    BT. British fucking Telecom. I despise those cunts with a terrifying fury. Fuck everything about that incompetent bunch of cumgarglers.
  • Pedant
    Iberia Air - terrible plane, lost my luggage and near impossible to complain via email, they could not understand English when I did manage to complain.
  • Pin W.
    Safestyle. Bunch of dimwitted wastrels whose installers I am led to believe learned their craft from a Fisher-Price "My First Double Glazing Kit". Also their sister company Virgo Home Improvements for their repeated sales calls despite being told to fuck the fuck off. Fuck.
  • Avons f.
    My local greengrocer. When I was licking his window looking for the latest Apple he sold me a spherical fruit.
  • Can y.
    British Gas servicing - for trying to kill me and family by faulty service repair which left water heating gas boiler on full power with no water going through it.
    PC World - Curries - Dixons - all the same bunch of arse holes. Worst customer services ever ... liars cheats and thieves !
  • Crackajack
    The conservatives thieving bastards.
  • Capability B.
    Bitterwallet. Awful website full of horrible people.
  • Timo
    Kwik Fit. A severe epileptic condition would not make any of their staff a fitter. 3 consecutive occasions I have driven away with new tyres fitted, only to have the wheel balancing weights detatch and hit the car behind me. On the last occasion I took the car straight back only to be told "that never happens, Sir." Well it has - 3 fucking times. To add to my distress, the car was then taken back to have the wheel balancing done again. When it was up on the elevator the "fitters" kept giving me evil, intimidating stares, and pinged off my hub caps and just let them fly onto the floor and roll away. How dare I come back! So I will never again grace a Kwik Fit garage, even if it is on high ground and the world was flooded with piss. I now use a mobile fitting service that I can't recommend enough. Etyres.
  • Craig E.
    Dignitas. They were brilliant.
  • Matth5182
    O2 - Cut off my 'unlimited' data after I used 4GB in 1 month. Verbal complaints met with 'fair use' policy. My SIM only contract was taken out before 'fair use' was around. Requested copy of original contract from them as my copy made no mention of 'fair use'. Several letters, faxes, calls and web chats later and still no reply and now they've cut my adult content off even tho I've done the stupid verify your age by credit card thing twice. Ombudsmen here I come!
  • JonB
    Barclaycard - they stole my cashback when they bought out Morgan Stanley. NatWest - they took over a week to send me a new debit card when I moved branches and cancelled my old one before I got the new one. This meant I couldn't withdraw my rent money from the ATM. Furniture Deal UK - took my order and money and then went into administration due to running a pyramid scheme. Fortunately I paid with a credit card but I still get letters from the administrators' lawyers telling me what's happening to the creditors.
  • Chris
    Orange. I travel a lot with work outside of the EU and the past 3 times i have arrived home to unjust, inaccurate and ludicrous data roaming charges. Each time i have spent hours on the phone to Orange informing them of my usage and what i owe them. Each time they eventually agree with me and completely wipe all the charges off. It tuns out they had been billing me for internet usage when i was attached to a Wi Fi network. I have just returned from California to yet another ridiculous bill from Orange for Data Roaming. This time they are refusing to admit any guilt when it looks like it's the same exact issue. Again i have spent hours on the phone to Orange and as of yet, amazingly, i am yet to lose my temper. - Told i have a cap on data roaming per day for anywhere in the world. Then a few months later told it's not possible for Orange to do this. So i was lied to. - 2 days ago i phoned Orange to inform them i wouldn't be paying my bill due to the fact i believe the charges to be inaccurate, unfair and unjust. I told them very openly i would be seeking legal advice and consulting with trading standards. Luckily i am at the end of my contract with Orange so gave my 30 days notice to terminate my contract. I asked the Orange customer service (ha) person if, as a result of my not paying this bill would result in my phone being barred and cut off. He told me i had 30 days to pay the bill and if i didn't pay within the 30 days, my phone would be barred and i'd have to give another 30 days to terminate the contract. Very clear instructions and i was happy with that. The very next day someone from Orange phoned me as i was going into a meeting. I asked if she could call me back after 3pm when i'd be on a train and available to talk. No one called me back and i realised my phone had been barred. I called Orange who told me that the different departments at Orange do not communicate with each other at all. Therefore the person who told me my phone wouldn't be barred for 30 days had no authority to tell me that and the billing department who barred my phone would never have spoken to this person at all. In my life, i have never had an issue with any company. Things go wrong, i understand that and companies usually try their best to sort it out. Maybe i have been lucky. However Orange are a pathetic and despicable company and once this is sorted out, i am going to make absolutely sure no one in my family ever gives them a penny again, but not only that, i'm going to ban Orange as a mobile and network provider to anyone in my company. I know we have at least 8 of my guys on Orange contracts at the moment and they are going as soon as possible. Not only that, i am currently consulting with Trading Standards over data roaming charges. They have informed me that this is a problematic area that they are aware of. They tell me they believe all mobile phone companies may be billing for inaccurate data roaming usage due to the system that is used to quantify bills. At this time, i would ask anyone who believes any mobile phone company has charged them data roaming fees they believe to be unjust to let me know on this thread and i can provide a e-mail address. I'm willing to put in time and money into this as i believe huge numbers of people are being presented with fraudulent data roaming charges by UK mobile phone companies.
  • Clunge
    Heritage Period Design (Fireplaces) of Balby, Doncaster. Total rip-off merchants. Grossly overcharged us and did a diabolical job. And if you're looking for one people have heard of, HSBC - refused to port our 'portable' mortgage to the new house for no good reason and then charged us £6k in redemption penalties for the privilege.
  • Mug
    Purple Parking - for charging me their full daily rate when I was stuck in an ash cloud. Santander - for denying receiving the proof of ID I submitted when I (foolishly) attempted to open a current account, then several weeks later returning it.
  • MJ
    Nestle; they kill babies by the thousands, use child slavery, cut down rainforests and thier breakfast cereals taste like cardboard.
  • Bob
    Little Chef Abbey National
  • Colin N.
    A lot of people mentioning Pixmania, i assume every knows that they are owned by Dixons retail (or what ever they are called now!). So obviously that means the poor customer service has nothing to do with the French it is just synonymous with there parent company!
  • Gav
    O2, Pixmania, Sony, Santander, Co-op Bank, eBay, PayPal. All a bunch of cunts.
  • A l.
    NHS gynecology unit in Baisingstoke. Load of cunts.
  • Bill
    Car Land/Car Craft - sold me a crashed car with premium finance (told I couldn't get better which was a lie) - warranty wasn't worth the paper it was printed on when the gearbox failed within 2 years. Then have the cheek to spam me with their offspring company "webuyanycar.com" letters offering me next to nothing to buy it back. Assholes.
  • Wongaporkpies
    JVC fucking cumgarglers !
  • The f.
    Sony! 800 quid tv= no avi support!
  • William's s.
    ITV - have you seen the shit they warm up as so called programmes ?
  • simon s.
    I'd say B*, because they managed (with the help of the retards at O***R****) to partially demolish my house whilst trying to fit a new telephone socket + hub. Basically they decided it was too much effort to drill a small hole in a load-bearing wall so whilst I was in another room they sledgehammered a 3 brick-wide hole through the wall and just fed the cable through the gaping crack. Naturally within a few minutes the top floor of the house began to sag and the "engineer" had to yell at me to get out. The front of the house has cracked and sagged forwards and the upper floors have collapsed into the ground floor. Solicitors already on the case....
  • BT
    Who the fuck are O***R****?
  • wtf
    Debenhams & their group of stores: BHS, Burton, Topman (Arcadia group?) all the clothes there are really bad quality nowadays, the material, stitching, you name it & their customer service is crap too. AND the owner is a TAX dodger. Primark for the worst customer service too. COMET for another worst customer service & prices. TESCO for underhand tactics & generally crap, especially on hotukdeals.com.. might aswell call it TescoUKdeals.com hey paperclips are like 1p get spamming. Ebay Paypal need I say more :) WOW this list is endless lol I'll stop because Ive got to get ready for work.
  • wtf
    Oops I forgot the BBC.. well we can never stop buying BBC, unless we get rid of our TV's. Unfortunately NO freedom of choice there.
  • Monkeytennis
    I'd second Little Chef. A gloomy automaton with a skin condition eventually acknowledges your presence and then serves you hot piss to drink and, because you've had the temerity to order something that's not a massive plate of greasy fried sausages with split foreskins, gives you a bowl with a sachet of muesli that would make a baby hamster with dwarfism ask if they were seriously expecting that to fill hm up. I would rather stand at the roadside and gnaw on my own arm than go in a Little Chef.
  • Chlamydia P.
    Lloyds TSB - made my aged mother take out their fucking Gold Service account at £12 a month when all it gives her is car recovery (she can't drive any more) and travel insurance (she doesn't know what planet she's on, never mind what country). Bunch of Big Girls' Front Bottoms
  • Blue42
    Scan.co.uk....Their faulty returns under warranty policy is "Similar item with similar performance, irrespective of original price paid"...Utter bastards. And several times "It's been thoroughly tested and found not faulty" then I have to physically take it to their shop in Bolton and ACTUALLY TEST IT FOR THEM. Absolute, complete, incompetence. Never ever even received a single apology. NEVER AGAIN
  • Mike H.
    Every single company on the face of the fucking planet. They're all cunts for their own particular reason.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Job centre Plus, for advertising jobs that either do not exist or where the description is far from what the job is really for. They say we do not monitor jobs given to them to post on the website, well maybe they should give me a job to call these companies to verify things properly.
  • mal
    onlinebrewingcompany shopping on line 4 years never seen such aload of lies on a web site utter bastard liers waited a month for order lie after lie took me ages for refund deserve too go bust
  • BS
    BT and Acer. There are some companies, like Paypal, that I wish I could never use again but there's just no real alternative.
  • AS
    VIRGO VIRGO VIRGO Double Glazing.......they did a good job BUT be prepared for telephone sales calls for the rest of your life!

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