We're undecided about buying this mattress...

...from Craigslist. We LOVE the fact that it's been 'gently used' - hopefully that means we'll get at least a decade out of it. It's just the blood stains that we're not sure about. It's reassuring that they're not from a murder or anything weird, but some more info might be helpful.


We'll probably pass on it actually...



  • chris
    Are you *that* naive as to not realise why things like this sell?
  • SJT
    They're telling you that they're bloodstains to hide what they REALLY are.....!
  • Claire
    They'll never sell that - they haven't even stated what size it is.
  • klingelton
    that's some volume of period blood...
  • Dick
    > We’ll probably pass on it actually… The word is piss.

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