Welcome to the greatest company slogan in the world

Company slogans tend to be dry, aspirational guff, conjured up by gits in suits who get paid too much. However, some people are great at slogans for firms.

Take Northrop Enterprises who have this little beaut!


"From the titties to the cities". They should stick that on a t-shirt.



  • Reader
    Why should they stick it on a T-shirt? The reason it is so funny is because it is on a milk (supposedly) tanker, where it is literally distributing stuff from titties to cities. Epic fail.
  • Coran
    Yeah, I don't think people would get it in t-shirt form..
  • Jack S.
    I didnt get it in "on back of truck hauling something" form
  • Andy P.
    lol, 'Walker' when they are actually driving!
  • Red M.
  • Peter
    I prefer "Your poo is our bread and butter" on the back of the cesspit truck (http://www.flickr.com/photos/smiley518/5917694182/) :)

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