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Watching online TV in a catch-up stylee is all well and good, but if it isn’t the BBC’s iPlayer, you’ll more often than not have to sit through all manner of ads before you get to the content, and that’s not good. Owing to some law of nature that we don’t really understand, watching ads online is 25 times more annoying than watching them on the telly.

Anyhow, online TV service SeeSaw are giving users the chance to subscribe to an ad-free version of their offering, making it the only place to see 4oD and Five’s ‘Demand Five’ without hindrance of commercial messages.

They’re calling it SeeSaw NonStop and is worth a look if you’re a regular online TV watcher. It’ll be £2.99 per month but is available at only 99p until the end of the year. Right, we’re off to watch us some Sarah Beeny...



  • O R.
    Or you could just watch live tv on
  • Andy D.
    Which has adverts.
  • Boris
    Shouldn't that caption read: "A television programme, yesteryear"
  • zeddy
    99p not to watch adverts? They'll have to pay me more than that. Adverts are actually better than virually than anything on ITV.
  • Nick T.
    @ Zeddy Oh yeah? Obviously this one hasn't made it north of the border yet then: Bet that made you choke on your free pretzels and appreciate 'I'm A Celebrity' a bit more, eh?
  • zeddy
    Fuck that! IACGMOOH is utter pish. Even "My Family" is quality viewing in comparison.
  • BOGOF s.
    nicK remeber bumping into this tit at a sportsman evening - he didnt find it funnt when we started shouting his shit advert s back at him - Bernard manning ripped thew shit out of him classic
  • Bitterwallet’s B.
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