Wash & Go celebrate 21 years with Jimmy Bullard's funny face

15 March 2010

Wash & Go commercials have long been a source of parody... and now, the bonce product is celebrating 21 years with Jimmy Bullard's wavy locks and slightly cherubist face (you've seen 'Mask' with Cher right?). Anyway, Jimmy was apparently chosen for the campaign because of his "comedic potential". That's just a kind way of saying he's a bit ugly.

Of course, all footballers are preening idiots... but so our Jim. No, if you want to see what he normally gets up to in the changing rooms (don't worry, this is not some link to a poor lass from the pie-stand getting 'roasted'), then click this link.


  • Nobby
    So Jimmy prefers one of something instead of two. Have two knees? No, I just prefer to hop and go.
  • The B.
    Let's not even contemplate testicles.
  • Nobby
    I fairly sure Jimmy Bullard has two testicles. He was born with one of them, and the other he found on the dressing room floor at Hull. They don't have balls there you see.
  • dunfyboy
    But where is the link of the lass from the pie stand getting roasted?
  • Shopdis F.
    I love Jimmy Bullard!
  • Beauty C.
    [...] Wash & Go celebrate 21 years with Jimmy Bullard’s funny face | BitterWallet [...]
  • John B.
    [...] It’s possibly the most talked-about advert around at the moment, and it has had a phenomenal effect on sales. We speak of course about Jimmy Bullard’s Wash & Go remake. [...]

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