Warning ads for the disease-riddled 'silver jiggy generation'

We’ve got some news for you that you might find horrific – it seems that people over the age of 50 are having sex. What’s more, some of them are doing it without protection. Apologies if that’s too extreme an image for your minds to deal with so early in the day.

We’ll continue. As a result of their dementia-fuelled slapdash approach to sexual safety, there has been a dramatic increase in levels of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among the grey generation. Euuurrgghh.

As a result, an advertising campaign aimed at the copulating crusties has been created, reminding them of the fashions they used to wear in the days when they were originally on the pull and urging them to pull on a rubber next time they’re lucky enough to get some some sack action where ‘sack’ isn’t a slang word for a colostomy bag. We blame Rachel Riley and her disgracefully-revealing Countdown costumes... FPA-1




  • klingelton
  • Nobby
    First, I have to say I see nothing wrong with the men's clothes. I'd wear the suit in photo 3. Second, do older women grow penises? If not, how are they meant to wear the condom?
  • Pedant
  • zleet
    Bloke in red pants looks a bit rapisty.
  • David
    This is silly, of course they're not having sex at that age!
  • Adebisi
    At that age and with the prolapses they are probably just doing anal anyway.
  • David
    Ewww. I can't imagine still having sex when I'm that old. 40 yes, 45 even even. But not 50!
  • zleet
    @David So dry a shrivelled up they're libel to start a fire.
  • klingelton
    It'd be like wanking with sand paper.
  • wet d.
    whats wrong with wanking with sandpaper - grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............
  • klingelton
    unless you have some pretty thick calluses on your pecker, i'd imagine it to be a trite uncomfortable.
  • Paul C.
    Wanking with sandpaper? Who are you? Pinnochio?
  • MyOtherUserNameIsAFerrari
    Nobby I think the ladies are supposed to put them on inside out, in there va-jay-jay.

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