6 November 2013

Oh sorry, did we startle you? Well if you’re like some of the people who took part in a recent poll, chances are you were having a little snooze on company time.

sleeping at work

According to survey by Lucozade, a third of the 2000 respondents said that they’d dropped off at their desk. And Wednesday is the optimum day to take 40 winks at work.

We’re all so overworked, stressed and – let’s face it – DEEPLY BORED, that we’re dropping like flies during the afternoon slump. One in ten office workers admitted to falling asleep during meetings, while some dead eyed co-worker was doing a Powerpoint presentation or saying something like ‘we need to create added value using the synergy matrix.’

Women are more prone to napping at work, (maybe because they do more than their fair share of the housework and childcare?). And the most popular excuse for sleeping on the job? Well, amongst media types, the main reason for some afternoon shut-eye was ‘a heavy lunch.’ (translation: 12 pints).

The survey was carried out by Lucozade to promote their energy filth drink Revive, so doubtless they will be doing a flash mob airdrop of cans onto offices around the country very soon.

But does it need to be this way? Instead of filling our veins with taurine, perhaps we need to rethink our idea about napping at our desks and be more like the Japanese – who see napping as evidence of hard work. Why not get some beds in there and some company branded onesies, and let everyone zzzzzzz until 5pm?


  • Reader
    This article makes me zzzzzzz
  • 2nd R.
    same here...zzzzzz
    " (maybe because they do more than their fair share of the housework and childcare?)" more shoddy reporting from lucy now making sexist claims whats to say that men arnt doing all the child care or cleaning go find a job somewhere better suited than writing
  • Brown N.
    @EXILE: Carlsberg don't do irony but if they did...

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