Virgin Media misleads customers on upload rates

A forum member on Cableforum discovered that his modem config file from Virgin was setting his upload speed to 200kbit/s instead of the advertised 256kb/s Virgin has been promoting. Upon further digging it turns out ex-Telewest customers are getting the 256kb/s however ex-NTL users only get 200kb/s.

The Register chased down Virgin and got this lame response:

Since merger we have made significant progress on integrating and improving our legacy systems. So far we have completed a massive billing centralisation project, launched a new 20Mb service and upgraded customers to higher broadband speeds for free.

Work to align minor differences in speeds across the NTL and Telewest customer bases is ongoing and should be complete very soon, along with further initiatives to reinforce our position as the UK's leading residential broadband service. We apologise for any confusion and will be updating our website accordingly.

Somehow the level of understanding concerning "minor differences" in bill payment never receive the same level of compassion...

[The Register]

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