Vintage ads prove women should be more grateful

Aside from been old, everything in the past was also sexist, racist or catastrophically stupid. It's a wonder we made it out the 20th Century to become the sophisticated society of intelligent humanitarians we are today.

As if further proof was needed as to far we've advanced, Guidespot has created a portal into the past, where you can freely gaze upon the horror of historical advertising. Woman especially, take note as to how well you done out of life:



  • Jack
    WIFE! Where is my goddamn breakfast?.....Why I oughta!!!
  • Mike H.
    It is true, I blew in my Mrs's face and she keeps following me round with a knife, and I don't even smoke!
  • Mr H.
    Did you blow out your ass Mike?
  • janzbro
    WOMEN know your place

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