Topless women in beer advert sparks outrage

An advertising campaign featuring three women with no tops on has been criticised for sexism ("What's wrong with bein' sexy?" - N. Tufnel, Spinal Tap):

Hirter Bier Topless Advert

According to Digital Spy, CEN  is reporting that some groups have called for the campaign to be suspended.

One protester is quoted as saying: "There is no genuine connection between beer and naked women. The women have just been put there to sexualise beer. The advert is sexist against women."

In fairness, there probably are links to people getting pissed and taking their clothes off.

Austria's Hirter brewery spokeswoman Caroline Kroepfl impishly responded: "The poster shows three self-confident beer drinkers."

Very confident! Of course, we at Bitterwallet don't stand for this type of rampant objectification of women. DOWN WITH THIS SORT OF THING!


  • Rich
    More "topless women" article tags please...obviously that would require more topless women articles :)
  • DMcG1873
    Just look at those full-bodied beauties. I'd love to get my lips into one of them...oh and the women don't look half-bad as well.
  • Amanda H.
    Move along now.
  • Junkyard
    Self-confident? They don't look very self-confident, covering themselves up like that. They look like they have severe body image issues.
  • GB
    It's weird that no-one complains about that aftershave advert on the telly with the guy with his arse out, kicking a pillow around his house.
  • Nobby
    > There is no genuine connection between beer and naked women. Yes there is, their hair colour matches the beer colour. And what other way is there to tell if collar and cuffs match? Anyway, I agree that the ad is outrageous. They should have the head of the beer dripping over their tits.
  • Howard M.
    The beers have been photoshopped in, what were they holding before?
  • Alexis
    I think this kind of thing should be encouraged, especially since an attractive German lady is a rare sight!
  • Meh
    Damn, Howard Moon got in before me... they are definitely photo-edited beers. I also wonder what they were holding originally. Although, perhaps the arms have been edited on also. My guess is cocks.
  • the f.
    i hate ginger beer
  • Wood c.
    Won't somebody please think of the pigeons
  • dunfyboy
    Is it wrong to assume that those claiming there's no connection between beer and naked women are the type of mingers you would have to drink a lot of beer before you wanted to see naked?
  • Rich
    What? Still no more "topless women" articles :(
  • ron
    I want a refund! don't know what the women are talking about seen more topless on a local beach!

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