Tombola Bingo commercial banned for being racist

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have banned the shit out of a commercial for Tombola bingo.

The ad features a black man repeating everything a white man says in song while playing a ukulele. The ASA have ruled that the commercial breached the advertising code on using harmful or negative stereotypes. Watch the ad below... it is a bit 'yes masser'.

The ASA looked at the relationship between the two characters and felt it "was defined as the power of the white man over the black man", because of the difference in their dress and the way the black man was portrayed as less intelligent in that he repeated everything the white man said, even "Thank you, Tito".

Tombola Bingo, an online business which also sponsors ITV1 soap 'Emmerdale', said it did not intend to use the ad again. Of course, thanks to the wonder of the internet, we can watch it over and over until we get indigestion.



  • Mark M.
    It isn't that bad really
  • Paul C.
    I think its just a bit strange they got a man who had special needs to play the ukelele.
  • your m.
  • jim t.
    i hate all this pc crap
  • Shooter M.
    More Nu Labour social engineering pish. Harriet Harman can fuck right off.
  • Kyle S.
    ROFL... that is pathetic!!
  • Stuart R.
    (in a west Indian accent) Mango?
  • Brad
    ASA fuck off, seriously just fuck off, yes that is the most intelligent thing I could say in reply. Seriously fuck off ASA.
  • andyofyarm
    It seems the concept of irony is lost on the ASA. Meanwhile all those shameless cashforgold , clear your debts and associated cons and rip-offs proceed unchecked
  • Barry W.
    He's also gay so this really is a crime
  • Mark M.
    I just showed my 8 year old son this and he said "Why is that racist?" Says it all really...
  • Katie P.
    I'm absolutely fuming, it's hard enough to find harvey work as it is without all this crap.
  • BNP v.
    I think it is better to have a white man saying it and no black people in sight at all.
  • Laurz
    On the plus side though at least adverts showing men as being slaves to women or showing women leering all over a man drinking cola are still allowed. I wonder how long an advert would last that showed women as the weaker sex? 2 minutes? And how long one that shows men as weaker? 2 years My parents must be racist because when they go on holiday to india they will hire a local man who will sing pretty much anything they ask him to.
  • GMC
    What about the wee guy with the funny eyes on the Credit expert adverts?
  • Mark M.
    @Katie Price. That is fucking genius!
  • What???
    This ad is not's ridiculous. Whatever next...
  • dunfyboy
    So, reading between the lines, the ASA are saying this black actor should not have been employed. The job should have gone to a white man. Sounds a bit racist if you ask me.

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