Three boxes are better than one, say

10 December 2009

Barely seconds have passed since we asked for your examples of bad Christmas packaging, when we presented's efforts as first-rate examples of the genre. First off the starting line this year is avid Bitterwallet reader Matt, and there are no surprises as to who the culprit is:

When I got home last night I received a card from Royal Mail saying that three parcels had not been delivered as they were too big - a bit strange as I only ordered three £5 stocking fillers from So this morning I cycled to the sorting office, with my rucksack on to collect the parcels. I was a little surprised to see the huge stack of packages that the postman gave me.

I wondered if the cat's arse pencil sharpener or the Vibrating Duck I had ordered from Play were larger than expected, but no, it was just the enormous boxes that they put them in. It was actually possible to fit all three items into just one of the boxes with space to spare.

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  • Patrick
    I think they do this as they're posting from Jersey in order to avoid VAT being charged (which is charged on imported items over £18 in value). See Though you'd think they could fix their ordering systems so that they send multiple items (that are worth under £18) in one box - it'd save them a fortune in postage and packaging costs.
  • givenup
    My copy of Borderlands for the PS3 was despatched yesterday. I'm currently having my home extended in order to fit the 32 tonne lorry that will probably deliver the pallet that it will no doubt arrive on. Carbon friendly or what?
  • Jinjernuts
    I ordered a few SD cards lately from them. I swear to the good lord that the box they turned up in could have housed 3 DVD's easily. Cards werent even in a blister pack, just that shrink wrap plastic you used to find in the Kelloggs corn flakes free gift. Less than an Inch by 2 big. Shocking.
  • KateMTP
    I always think it is ridiculous the way items are packaged for shipping. I usually try to click the option to get everything at one time even if I might have to wait a couple of more days. What a waste of resources.
  • dank
    I too ordered a £5 stocking filler which duly arrived from Play earlier this week - in a box which could quite easily accommodate a further five or six of the same item. Can't really complain though, least it turned up for a change.
  • Chunter
    I suggest you complain to your local Trading Standards, who have the powers to crack down on this sort of nonsense.
  • HouseSlave
    I recently ordered two digital picture frames from Play. So far only one has arrived, no bulky packaging for this fragile item they posted it out in a plastic envelope! No a good idea for products that are a bit fragile.

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