Thousands Go Complain about Go Compare ads

30 April 2013

Everybody universally loathed the original Go Compare ads, so a new campaign was created to acknowledge the fact it was so hated, featuring the Go Compare man being kicked in the stomach by Stuart Pearce and blown up by Sue Barker in a balaclava. Clever eh? Oh I bet there were some wry meta chuckles in the idea pod that day.


But those smart arsed advertisers have been hoisted with their own petards, because now THOSE adverts have become the most complained about ads of 2012 – with nearly 2000 complaints.

31,298 complaints were made to the Advertising Standards Authority last year, mostly from people with nothing better to do. Thanks to the big response to the Go Compare ads, complaints about financial services ads skyrocketed by 86%. The Wonga ads, with their cunningly hidden terms and conditions, were also on the ASA list of doom.

People also took exception to Channel 4’s ‘Bigger’, ‘Fatter’ ‘Gypsier’ campaign to promote My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, which was third on the list with 373 complaints.

But nobody is more hated than the Go Compare man. It’s enough to make poor Gio Compario sing a heartbreaking aria from Madame Butterfly as he waits for the exhaust fumes to fill his Vauxhall Nova.


  • tom
    Hi Lucy, Could you please tell me what the complaints where actually about or how people found them offensive etc? Thanks Tom
  • JonB
    " he waits for the exhaust fumes to fill his Vauxhall Nova." Someone should do a mash-up of the Go Compare bloke with the water-emitting Hyundai ix35.
  • Terry K.
    Can you actually tell us what the complaints were about.. It is a bland article without the actual example in there.

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