This is why Amazon shouldn't post DVDs in jiffy bags

It's not rocket science. Unless you're sending a parcel to the Moon, in which case it is rocket science. But since you're not, it's not. Dispatching a DVD box set should require no more than a smidgen of thought with regards to its packaging. The item is cardboard. it's bulky. It has pointy corners, usually eight of them. It's going to need something a little more substantial than a jiffy bag to ensure it doesn't get a good shoeing by the delivery process.

So congratulation to Amazon's "preferred" retailer Indigo Starfish for their customer service FAIL, and sending not one, but two DVD boxes to Bitterwallet reader Stuart Mckinley in the least suitable packaging possible, short of wrapping them in the skin of a baby chicken. Says Stuart:

I'd don't discriminate between retailers, I always order from the cheapest, but if the price of a DVD was the same on PLAY, HMV and Amazon, I'd order from Amazon.  Why?  Because Amazon have a reputation of packaging goods in a secure manner and delivering them in pristine condition, with a seemingly unlimited number of different sized boxes.

But not anymore! As I'm sure you are aware, Indigo Starfish now dispatch some goods on behalf of Amazon, however they are dispatched in jiffy bags:


  • Mike H.
    I thought Superman was indestructable? Or was it dropped on a lump of pure Kryptonite?
  • Andy
    What bollocks, where's the packaging in the picture ???. 1 person complains which constitutes a slagging by BW. grow up wankers :( It's the Royal mail who smash the fuck out of packages NOT the distributer. No matter how well wrapped it could arrive damaged due to mis handling in transit. Use a courier to avoid this (though NOT shitty link who never deliver but claim to have tried !!! )
  • barneydog
    You think that's bad, I had a hard drive delivered from Amazon in a box with nothing but a anti-static bag to protect it, unsuprisingly it was knackered. I complained, sent it back and the replacement was sent in a jiffy bag in a box and that was knackered too. In the end I sent it back and cancelled the order.
  • Nobby
    At least with amazon it is easy to return goods at their expense when items arrive damage.
  • Mick
    As the first poster stated, its royal mail that you would have the problem with - not amazon. In any case its nothing to do with amazon, indigostarfish is a retailer on there site, I could become a retailer on there site, so could anyone else. amazon themselves have nothing to do with the mailing out of the product. Maybe you guys should do your homework before you post stuff like this, you could end up with your arses in court at some point.
  • badmans
    BW are allergic to homework ^^
  • Paul N.
    @Mick - As said in the original post, IdigoStarfish are despatching on the behalf of Amazon. Order from Amazon, receive from Indigostarfish. This is NOT the same as ordering from marketplace or other Amazon listed merchants. I don't think Royal Mail are the ones making Amazon boxes and packing the items into it... correct me if I'm wrong but I presume Amazon is packing items into their boxes and then Royal Mail is handling it from that point on.
  • Mick
    @Paul Correct, read the title of the post. 'This is why Amazon shouldn’t post DVDs in jiffy bags' Amazon are not posting them as you have just agreed, so why are amazon taking the flack for it on here? Royal Mail are not making the boxes or packing the items into it, and I will correct you where you are wrong - Amazon are NOT packing this particular item. Royal mail are the guys throwing them about, and Indigostarfish are the company who are badly packing them. Hence - amazon should not be getting the most of the blame as is made out in this post.
  • Paul N.
    Also correct me if I'm wrong but I believe IndigoStarfish are a sister company mechanism for Amazon to ship out of Guernsey...
  • Mick
    Jeez, its not Amazon who are sending the dvds in jiffys mate. It might be a sister company like you say. But its NOT, thats the bottom line.
  • Mike H.
    Mick - Amazon should be ensuring Indigo Starfish are packaging items adequately Amazon will have some sort of standard that IS are not adhering to, so really, Amazon are responsible.
  • Paul N.
    From where I sit if I order from Amazon (not from the site but from the merchant Amazon on Amazon) I expect to be getting Amazon service. If Amazon have decided to use their sister company to despatch the order and the sister company does not pack it properly then I still blame Amazon for packing items poorly whether by their hands or their sister's hands. I think it's splitting hairs just because the sister company name is different. The representation it is going to be handled by Amazon is still there. That's my opinion though. I understand your point.
  • Paul N.
    p.s. I think the reason it's important is because Amazon have such a great reputation so it would be shame for them to start losing any of that.
  • Ben
    @Mick - what do you expect from BitterWallet tho - nothing short of half arsed, badly researched, copy and paste articles!
  • Andy
    Posted by Paul Nikkel | May 13th, 2009 at 11:18 am p.s. I think the reason it’s important is because Amazon have such a great reputation so it would be shame for them to start losing any of that. Well maybe if you got your "This is why 'Amazon - Indigostarfish' shouldn’t post DVDs in jiffy bags" defamatory title correct and hadn't started slagging them off, Amazons great reputation wouldn't be tarnished would it !! :(
  • Mick
    This is my point, the article is based at ripping Amazon to bits, not the actual people at fault. But no-one would read it if it said indigo whofish? haha :)
  • Norman
    Why are Royal Mail getting slagged here for "throwing packages around". Firstly, the whole point of this article was drawing attention to the unsuitable packaging Indigo are using. If it was Amazon and the cardboard packaging you can be assured it will arrive in top condition. Secondly, do you think me and my fellow RM workers have time to tenderly place each individual packet on a bed of cotton wool and carry carefully to it's recipient? We handle thousands of these every day and it's not our fault the sender takes no care in it's choice of packaging and goes for the cheapest option.
  • Andy D.
    IndigoStarfish used to be called Amazon Jersey. Hope this helps.
  • Paul N.
    Maybe we should do an article letting people know IndigoStarfish is an Amazon sister company then. Look at it this way - Three get slated a lot for their foreign call centres. As far as I know those are outsourced and not actually owned by Three. When Three get slated for bad customer service would you argue and say "It's not Three it's India Cheap Call Centres Ltd who are the problem here". If a company starts a second company with a different name and then cuts costs with lesser service at the second company why should we cut the original company any slack?
  • Mike H.
    Norman - We don't expect parcels to be hadled like you say, but what we do, however, expect items to be handled with 'some' respect and not subject to abuse as we experience with parcels we receive looking like they've been used as RM's breaktime football.
  • Andy
    norman = Secondly, do you think me and my fellow RM workers have time to tenderly place each individual packet on a bed of cotton wool and carry carefully to it’s recipient? That's called willfull neglect, you even admit not taking sufficient care of the packet. It's KNOBS like you that give RM a bad name. Shame you haven't been sacked for it yet :(
  • Norman
    Andy, don't be such a muppet. Of course I take care of everything I handle. Where do I admit to "not taking sufficient care of the packet"? My sarcasm was obviously to subtle for you. Do you really expect everything delivered to you to be carried on a bed of cotton wool ? LOL!
  • Geoff J.
    Courriers are no better, having worked for at least 4 of them, the handling of all goods are a joke Posted by Andy | May 13th, 2009 at 10:25 am What bollocks, where’s the packaging in the picture ???. 1 person complains which constitutes a slagging by BW. grow up wankers It’s the Royal mail who smash the fuck out of packages NOT the distributer. No matter how well wrapped it could arrive damaged due to mis handling in transit. Use a courier to avoid this (though NOT shitty link who never deliver but claim to have tried !!! )
  • Mick
    Look at the item in question, its a steel tin. That will have had to have a serious bump to do that kinda damage to it, no-one expects RM to handle them in cotton wool etc, but thats taken a big bang at some point.
  • j
    How high is Stuarts letterbox from the ground and what are the packages landing on - carpet, wood, stone? The fact that it's happened twice in a row means this could be a problem at his end!
  • kungfu
    OMFG a parcel got a bit damaged ACCIDENTALLY.......... grow the fuck up BW
  • TJ
    Seems to me there are a number of problems here. Firstly, if Amazon are the cheapest on a particular product you're going to order from them and quite likely have the item despatched by Indigostarfish. As you have no choice to order the item direct from Amazon themselves you have to buy from the sister company. Secondly, if Amazon are using Indigostarfish to despatch most of their entertainment items, etc you'd think that they would have to be up to standard on their packaging and customer service, etc. Personally I haven't had any problems with Indigostarfish as yet, but I have noticed that they always send items out in Jiffy bags, where as Amazon always used cardboard packaging. Surely Amazon could supply Indigostarfish with some decent packaging. And as pointed out by one poster, Royal Mail can't handle each item carefully due to the thousands that they deal with everyday. So if the sender of the item packaged it properly in the first place then there would be no need for the buyer to receive a damaged item. Some common sense wouldn't go amiss at Indigostarfish either. I mean, some items are fine to send in Jiffy Bags, but then there are others in delicate packaging or items that might be easily damaged that would be better sent in stronger more suitable packaging. It would help if they had a range of packaging and packed each item accordingly.
  • Lee
    I would think if the purchaser com.plained to amazon, they would replace the item as its damaged, was tis tried before the article was written? These things happen, its how the company deals with the return of the product that should be judged/..
  • Jill
    Indigostarfish is basically amazon under another name - its a seperate company operating in the Channel Islands so amazon can avoid paying VAT. That said, amazon will happily pay the return postage (usually give you a freepost address) and send you out a new one, the level of service I get from amazon is brilliant. For example, my sister broke my GTA PSP UMD and amazon sent me a new one for free (they knew it was my sisters fault, not theirs!). They have also agreed to refund a non-faulty item I applied to get a refund for several months ago, but didn't get round to posting back!
  • Stuart
    Firstly the parcels were handed to me by the postman, ruling out any 16ft letterbox onto a stone floor. The point is that Indigo Starfish are not dispatching goods in the manner we expect from Amazon. Amazon have dispatched a replacement, at no extra cost to me. This is not the point, the point is Indigo starfish are wasting time and money with poor packaging.
  • Paul
    Can I just say that for the past 10 or so orders with all have arrived damaged in one way or the other. Indigospazfish - I stopped buying goods through them over a year ago due to the same problems the OP was having. It's not just how Amazon handle the returns etc it's the fact people have to go out of their own way to goto a post office and waste time faffing about getting proof of postage etc. Also you have to wait upto 4 WEEKS for a refund although after I have complained each time about this I usually get a refund next day. Parcels should be delivered with goods in perfect order 1st time, everytime. I keep telling Amazon this but they do not listen. Anywho, to cut a long story short I've now cancelled my Amazon account due to the latest debacle.
  • Peter
    NOT THE FAULT OF ROYAL MAIL. It's about time somebody took Indigostarfsh to task for their appalling packaging. Contrary to one or two boneheads, it isn't the fault of Royal Mail that items get damaged in the post. If it's snowing outside wear a coat otherwise you'll get cold - if you're posting a DVD boxset, it's going on a long journey through a massive delivery system, SO PACKAGE IT PROPERLY. Thanks Paul for putting this on the net. I should also point out that the once trustworth Amazon also occasionally slip up now - try ordering any book weighing more than 2kg and see what happens..... They put it in a massive oversize flimsy cardboard box with a piece of brown paper thrown in as an idiot's nod towards protection. Funny thing, the book gets damaged - fancy that! Return it and complain and they'll send another in exactly the same manner. AAAAGHHHH!
  • Peter
    As an interesting footnote, it's now 2012 and Amazon themselves are no longer packaging items with the care that they built thir reputation on. No problem with a standard DVD or paperback - but it's still the case that you need to think twice about heavy books. And their Guernsey outlet - Indigostarfish - still useless I'm afraid. Don't order a DVD boxset from them unless you want all 8 corners bumped. So is Amazon's own shipping bad - well, as I said it's not what it used to be. The proof of this is their FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers - this is where marketplace sellers entrust their stock to Amazon to pack and ship. But guess what, you never see a serious FBA seller with 100% feedback. In fact, if you know the sellers well enough, it's possible to see an efficient marketplace seller with 100% feedback have their feedback reduced to 98% or 97% by Amazon's wonderful fulfillment process. I'm afraid the truth is that the bigger a seller becomes on the internet, the more likely your item will be poorly packaged. Unlike eBay and marketplace sellers, very often there isn't a feedback profile to reveal the problem. One example has caught my eye recently. The Book People sell on Amazon marketplace as the Book Service - and I'm not surprised their feedback is only 95% because in my experience their packaging is a disgrace. And another online retailer to avoid - ASDA. I bought 2 books from them earlier this year. They were delivered in a black dustbin bag, and both books badly damaged. A dustbin bag - it beggars belief doesn't it?

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