These aren't the slick new ads that Shell were hoping for...

16 July 2012

Shell have just had what is known on The Internet as a ‘fail’ with their latest marketing campaign, which invites ‘fans’ to add slogans to a set of images.

On the Arctic Ready website, Shell say: “With your help, we at Shell can tell the world how pumped we are about Arctic energy, and take the Arctic Ready message to Arctic-enthused drivers everywhere.

So take a moment to add your own slogan to our beautiful new collection of images. The next place you see it might be your own rearview mirror. Because tomorrow is yesterday, accelerated. Let’s go."

Here are some of the most popular submissions to date. Probably not what Shell had in mind…




Yeah, it's a Greenpeace thing. We all knew that.


  • Brizoh
    This is actually a very clever trolling campaign by Greenpeace, not Shell.
  • They a.
    Oh please. Tell me you know these are a parody and you're just trying to fool people Mr "I run loads of twitter parody accounts" Dawson....?
  • They a.
  • Reser
    Mr "Dumb Ass" It would seem you did not even bother to read the article? This article is about how people can add their own slogan and these 3 are the most populer, which is quite humorous as it is pretty obvious this was not what they were going for.
  • Mr F.
    Groan.... Its a parody site Mr Bitterwallet. Probably set up in 2007 or something. It even contains foxes and everything. Which I hear you all like round here you weirdos.
  • John L.
    Yeah yeah lovely pictures. Anyway, what is the point of Yoko Ono?
  • Inspector G.
    Yes I care about polar bears and stuff but like the rest of the public, I get a bit shirty if my petrol costs too much and walking the 5 minutes to Tesco is just too far, so fuck em.
  • They a.
    Mr "Reser" I did read the article. I also read the article in my link where Greenpeace announce they set the whole site up as a pardoy. Therefore I would suggest that the people who set the site up got EXACTLY what they were going for. Dumb Ass.

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