The Sony PS3 ad that leaves a Nazi taste in the mouth

1 October 2009

Ah, you have to take your hat off to lovely old Sony, who don’t seem to give a rusty fuck who they offend in their PS3 adverts.

Only last week, we covered the PS3 ad which suggested that some people in Nigeria try to scam the bewildered on the Internet. Of course it’s as true as the fact that Coldplay are wettest group on the planet but the Nigerians were outraged. Wrongly of course.

Now here’s this week’s piece of iffy PS3 promotion – and yet again we’re wafting the oxygen of free publicity all over it. The ads hail from Chile and include what we assume is a gamer giving a blood transfusion to a Nazi (below).

But, as there’s every chance that Chile is teeming with the direct descendants of escaped Nazi high-rankers, it could alternatively be seen as a heart-warming piece of family-orientated schmaltz. Couldn’t it?

No. No it couldn't.

UPDATE: The whole chuffing nonsense happened without any approval from Sony whatsoever. The Chilean agency behind the ad has said:

"This creative design did not involve and was never approved by Sony Computer Entertainment or Sony. This "mock campaign" was developed by BBDO Chile staff and was submitted to various creative competitions/festivals without prior notification or approval from SCE/Sony, and it is not representative of the views or advertising policies of SCE/Sony. BBDO Chile apologizes for using this creative concept without authorization or prior approval, and for its misrepresentation of the PlayStation brand and its values.

Cristián Lehuedé B.
Presidente Ejecutivo
BBDO Chile



  • The B.
    The bird in the middle, it's Gozer the Gozerian isn't it?
  • LZ
    Couldn't it be that the honourable German soldier is giving a transfusion to a gamer? Confirmation bias is dangerous.
  • Andy D.
    @LZ - which would mean he'd then be full of Nazi blood and would instantly turn into a DERANGED KILLING MACHINE!
  • ME109
    how can we tell he's a Nazi? it looks more like Erwin Rommel and he was no Nazi. I imagine around less than a tenth of German troops during WWII were actually fascist or supported Hitler at all. They were soldiers sent to fight as soldiers are today...except the Germans don't get themselves too involved in wars of aggression anymore, they have passed that mantle back to the British again, History's constant Butcher.
  • LZ
    @Andy So no change, really, from your average 1st-person-shooter gamer, then? ;o)
  • Roy
    Maybe that's the gamer who created all those Hitler Miis ?
  • LZ
    @ME109 - I agree that it's important to distinguish between German soldier and Nazi. It's extremely offensive (not to mention factually wrong) to equate the two. However, you're making the same mistake by equating British with "Butcher". Labels should never be unilaterally applied - just ask "the Jews".

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