The scale of deliciousness is a veritable feast


From the front cover of today's Metro: if one bar is already 100% delicious, surely you'd had to put three bars in every pack to increase deliciousness by 200%? Admittedly, we've never dealt with the muesli-like qualities of deliciousness before, and there may be some exponential deliciousness ratio factors we simply haven't considered.

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  • Ben
    Let's put aside what precisely deliciousness is (is one bit of chocolate more tasty than three bits of chocolate?) and look squarely at the maths. If there is one item, there is no increase. If there is one added, there is an increase of 100% If there is two added, the value has trebled, so there is an overall increase of 200%. Makes sense. The idea of deliciousness being linked to weight or quantity doesn't, though.
  • Mr N.
    They haven't added two bars though, well I'm assuming they're haven't. The advert says they've put "two bars in each pack".... I'm assuming there had to be 1 bar in a pack to begin with, unless they sold empty packs?? So adding 1 bar to a 1 bar pack only increases any value by 100% hence the point of the post. You're right about "deliciousness" though.... if a pizza is delicious, eating 2 of them doesn't make either any more delicious, it means you just eat more of a delicious thing.
  • Fazzy B.
    Ah, but Mr Nibbles - if there was an empty pack to begin with, there was nothing to compare the addition to, in order to increase by 1, 2, 100 or even 200 %. 200% of nothing is still nothing.
  • Mr N.
    That was (sort of) my point.... you can't increase the contents by 100% and increase the deliciousness by 200%....
  • oliverreed
    they've had two bars in a pack for years......
  • Mad H.
    Makes perfect sense to me. As long as we assume that previous packs contained two-thirds of a bar. Which they didn't
  • John S.
    Shanks here. Does this mean that a threesome is 200% more delicious than having a wank?
  • Boris
    You're all assuming that deliciousness is proportional to the mass of the product. This may not be the case, there may be a more complex relationship that their top food sceintists have found. For example; is the last forkfull of bacon as delicious as the previous five hundred forkfulls in you morning snack? Baconites may say that it is more delicious than the first while vile perverts may say that it is somehow less delicious. By having two bars they may have discoverd though the rigours of propper food scientology that the second bar is twice as delicious as the first and so there is indeed a 200% increase. I await the paper in Nature. Considering that I despise these bars they would have more likely incresed the deliciousness by giving me less.
  • Ali
    Maybe the bars were only 10% deliciousness to start with, and they have doubled the deliciousness per bar to 20% (only 80% shit!) and added another bar? At best this would have had the bars as being 50% delicousness, 50% cack to begin with which isn't really a marketers dream ("oh, they tasted like shit before but now they don't").
  • Tom
    Read the ad again, it says "We wanted to increase deliciousness by 200%", it doesn't say that they actually did increase deliciousness at all. They could have said: "We wanted to increase deliciousness by 200%, but we went down t'pub instead" or "We wanted to increase deliciousness by 200%, so we asked next doors cat if she had any ideas"

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