The Pepsi logo: Lessons in outrageous codswallop

When Pepsi redesigned their logo a while back, you inevitably didn't think too deeply about it. After all, it is just some logo with nothing much to it, right?

Wrong. This has insane levels of pretentious horsepiss surrounding it which cost millions of dollars of research, design and clearly making stuff up. An internal document from the branding company surfaced which includes Pepsi's relationship to the Earth's Geodynamo. Look!

pepsi 1

There's also nods to Yin and Yang, as well as links to DNA and all manner of bollocks. The 27-page document, titled "BREATHTAKING Design Strategy," had to prove how amazing the new logo was and talked about the 'Golden Ratio' and more.

pepsi 2

Seriously. Someone with a chequebook at Pepsi bought the notion that this logo has something to do with feng shui, the theory of relativity, Mobius Strips and the whole of the universe.

To see the whole breakdown, have a look at Gawker's report here.


  • Grammar N.
    To be fair, I can kinda see the ying and yang thing. The rest is bollocks though.
  • Zleet
    Do people still drink Pepsi? The only place I ever see pepsi now is in the stacks selling multiple cans for a quid in pound shops, pretty much the panda pop of the big brands now.
  • Old G.
    @Grammar Nazi - You never would have passed your Grammar exam using slang in my day, young fella me lad.
  • oooooh
    I always thought the name was in reference to Adolph's Nan.
  • Barcode
    A 3 and a half year old story.. Is this a new bitterwallet record?!?
  • kv
    probably not, shure that feral trolley of the week hasnt changed in years
  • chewbacca's m.
    @Grammar Nazi If 'kinda' is valid slang then all your other rantings are worthless.You can't have it both ways. Adds 'Hypocrite' to pompous Nazi.

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