The mildly diverting toy advert mash-up sensation

22 March 2011

Screen shot 2011-03-22 at 15.12.21 If it’s getting to that time of the day when your energy levels are dipping, you can’t be arsed to do any proper work and would just prefer to fanny about on the internet instead, this could be one for you.

It’s a kiddie advert mash-up generator (or something modern-sounding like that) and it allows you to blend the visuals and the, erm, noisuals from a range of toy adverts. The end results are more amusing than you might expect.

We particularly like the combination of Moxie Girls and Electronic Battleships although the My Little Pony car/Tonka mash-up works well too. Readers of The Consumerist (from whence this story was nicked) recommend the GI Joe Headquarters video and My Little Pony Convertible audio or the Barbie Island Princess video and Playmobil Pirate Island audio.

What have we learned? That there’s almost certainly a well-established format for 15 second kiddie toy adverts and that we’re all being manipulated by dark forces that we know nothing about. Sheeeeeeet.

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