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27 November 2009 like like a complete arse in those glasses mate...


...and so does your girlfriend.



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  • Pedant
    Reminds me of that episode of South Park, or that Mitchell and Webb one.
  • Andy D.
    Or 'The Vibrating Bum-Faced Goats' in Viz. They did it first.
  • Mark M.
    I bet they have really bad breath
  • Pedant
    Oh god yeah, the bum faced goats. I used to love those one off strips they had in there, like Mickey's Monkey Spunk Moped or Balsa Boy.
  • ElBuc
  • Drunken D.
    Wouldn't mind a blowie off that Doris..........
  • Brians U.
    Werent these people already on that show that be's on Channel five, you know the one called something like "the man with tree trunks for legs" or my favourise "the girl with a piece of shit growing on her shoulders instead of a head". More power to them i say, at least they are not letting their disability control their lives. Although if i seen these fuckers walkin towards me in the street, im gonna turn and run, sharpish!
  • Amanda H.
    So, after the rohypnol kicks in. Would it be Oral or Anal sex, Im more confused than Brian.
  • pauski
    Hi Amanda, as you know (from last time ;-) ) we called it Aral.
  • charitynjw
    ......sorry?.....what?......her face?.....what face??.........................................
  • andy y.
    they look shitfaced

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