The fishy smell of spam from Paul Smith's fragrances

11 May 2011

Bitterwallet - Paul SmithIt's long been a source of debate as to which Paul Smith has enjoyed the most successful career to date - your avid-but-penniless chump of an editor, or the fashion designer worth millions. What's his secret? According to this email we received from the intermaweb, it's perfume!

I am writing you regarding the latest Paul Smith launch. The new Paul Smith Optimistic fragrance was launched a few weeks ago and the Paul Smith team is trying to get as many people to try the perfume and enjoy the positive philosophy behind this Paul Smith fragrance.

Cor! Bitterwallet has been chosen to help promote a Facebook competition for the one and only Paul Smith! Honoured, obviously.

"As we do not have a budget for this promotional activity, we would like to offer you the Paul Smith Optimistic fragrance (for her or him, whichever you like) as a big thank you for your help."

A world fashion icon launching a new perfume with no budget? It's true, times are hard for all of us right now.

We had a good, long think about doing a favour for a major fashion label, roughly a hundredth of a second or so, but decided that perhaps the marketing agency MCBX was simply spamming blogs to get a result for their client. But how could we tell MCBX weren't really fans of Bitterwallet? What was their mistake, the clue that gave them away?

"I have been reading your blog and the content that you share with your users suits perfectly the positive vibe behind this new launched fragrance."

Ah, that's right - Bitterwallet's legendary 'positive vibe'. Must try harder, spam monkeys.

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  • Boris
    Do be so hard on them. You should adopt it as the offical stench of BitterWallet for a week and see if they really do want to be associated with you. Just think of the fun. I for one would quite happily have a free swig from the Debanhams counter if you endorsed it. Can't be much worse thatn that Mariah Kerry stuff I normally drink.
  • Elton J.
    Well I for one am fucking positive. Shame it is HIV.
  • James C.
    Wait a second. Paul Smith wrote this article. Is this your fragrance? Are you actually the Paul Smith in disguise? (A moon-faced disguise, obviously)
  • Andy
    Haha, their SEO company is trying to buy links and got called on it!

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