The brands you live and breathe, every day of your life

Of course marketing and advertising doesn't affect you. In fact you never pay attention to adverts you see on television, billboards, petrol pump caps, telephone boxes - you only buy what you like, and nobody will persuade you to do otherwise. In which case, why the hell did you buy what you've bought in the first place? If you're not a mindless drone soaking up every marketing message you're exposed to, why are you a slave to particular brands of products?

An annonymous blogger and advertising creative called Jane Sample created a day in her life, illustrated by the brands she used at home and work:

Other bloggers have since joined in to create these brand timeline portraits, that drill home exactly how habitual we are regarding particular products. We thought we'd have a go, so we pooled together our collective exposure to brands in the Bitterwallet office over the course of a routine day, and came up with this:

Feel free to do better.

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  • swampy_donkey
    Funny twist on a pointless article. I like it.
  • Nobby
    8AM. LOL.
    does she not eat breakfast, or use toothpaste
  • 10n116
    i think she did it for her work
  • Bullet
    so she shaves at 9am and then again at 1.45pm and survives on a pepsi, 1 sub and a starbucks coffee for the whole day, must be a fat cow trying to lose weight and unsightly facial hair.
  • PHo
    Ahh Razzle, takes me back to many a bathroom fumble. Has the interweb put them out of business?
  • Alex
    i'm pretty sure the bic is referring to a pen rather than a razor

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