The ads the world left behind...

We live in progressive and enlightened times. Control of the England football team has somehow fallen into the hands of a foreigner and as of last week, the nation’s finances are being safeguarded by a ruddy-cheeked schoolboy.

It seems that the fixed old-fashioned roles don’t exist anymore. Which might be why the good eggs at the Web Urbanist website have collected together a bunch of old adverts featuring outmoded and just plain wrong stereotypes.

There’s some phenomenally sexist stuff that was actually aimed at housewives, shaving babies and smoking doctors pushing cigs in to the faces of  the public (although a Viz spoof ad has made its way in to the line-up).

There’s some lovely stuff there and the race is now on for us to track down a bottle of Grove’s Tasteles Chill Tonic (‘Makes children and adults as fat as pigs).

[via Boing Boing]



  • mark M.
    Nothing wrong with any of theose adverts
  • wander
  • Sexist B.
    I read that last one as "Blow in her face and she'll swallow you anywhere."
  • That t.
    Is it always illegal to kill a woman? Not if she won't let you blow in her face.
  • Wonky H.
    You don't have a fox and bark yourself.
  • Jizzlingtons
    Do foxes bark? I thought they just squealed...
  • Store C.
    Dunno but they have nice bums...
  • PaganWolf
    Tonight I will serve my husband stale coffee. That sure looks fun!
  • -]
    Just like your typical BW poster tries to serve us all up with stale (forced) memes. Thats right, the foxbumming thing wasn't very funny in the mighty boosh, even less so when someone tries to force its use as a meme:
  • Wonky H.
    Having never seen the Mighty Boosh, I never knew that it had fox bumming on it. Now it has been brought to my attention, it shall never be mentioned again.

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