Thanks for the packaging, Amazon - any chance of my order?

Our quest to uncover packaging misdemeanors by online retailers takes an unexpected turn today. No sooner do send a small forest's worth of packaging for no very good reason, than Amazon raise the bar by sending the packaging and failing to remember the product ordered.

"I had ordered four PitRok deodorants so was expecting a box, something of some shape and size," said avid Bitterwallet reader Emma. "What arrived? A thin envelope with invoice and junk mail. No product whatsoever."




  • PokeHerPete
    Hey, but its not all doom and gloom. The customer has £15 off their first shop at some undoubtedly overpriced place and most likely have received £40 off their order at Virgin Wines.
  • Nobby
    That's not an envelope, it is a book box. Either the deodorants have fallen out, or "Fingers" Fred McShifty has got a job at the Royal Mail again.
  • Emma K.
    The deodorants are the size of a small compact deodorant which you would buy in any supermarket, and I ordered 4 of them. There's no way they would have fitted in that box anyway.
  • parpparp
    Stinky bitch.
  • Emma K.
    No actually, they're for my stinky man.
  • chris
    I actually got someone's entire order inside mine the other day.

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