Tesco fat camps forced to retreat from diet claims

Bitterwallet - Tesco Retreats from diet claimsA trip to the Tesco Retreat sounds about as much fun as pushing your face through a bacon slicer, and the Advertising Standards Authority agrees. "It sounds like a shower of shite," commented an ASA spokesman, just then. In our mind. No he didn't. The ASA did take issue with Tesco, however, over the claims of a leaflet for Tesco Diets' Weight Loss Retreats.

The what? Yes, Tesco will pack you off to their FitFarm in Devon for a week, and they can guarantee your bank account will be lighter as a result - up to £790 lighter, in fact. Don't worry, though - "there are no other hidden costs". Thank goodness, eh readers? But don't all rush at once, because Tesco's claims about lightening your lardy bulk aren't as trustworthy.

The ASA isn't happy with the claims made by Tesco Diets, specifically that a group of women lost an "average 2 inches off waist size" and "average weight loss of 4.5 pounds", and testimonials from two other attendees who respectively claimed to have lost 4.5 and 3.5 stone.

The ASA states that diet plans can't claim fat can be lost from specific parts of the body, perhaps because a lot of that sort of stuff isn't just down to diet, but genes as well. And as brilliant as losing over four stone in beef sounds, there were no time scales given for the weight loss. The dieters may have simply chopped off their own legs to achieve the weight loss. We just don't know.

It'll probably come as more of a shock that Tesco even runs these fat camps for the best part of £800. You'd want an all-you-can-eat-buffet on a cruise ship for that price.

[The Guardian]


  • MayContainNuts
    I think this sort of thing should be free on the NHS. Fatnes is a desease, like ugliness or stupidity and should be treated as such. The reason depression is so prevalent in this country nowadays is because normal people have to spend so much time looking at these ugly fat stupid people, so society would benefit as a whole if we shipped them off to camps once in a while.
  • Junkyard
    Two inches is an *average* reduction in waist size. It's irrelevant if 50% people are entirely unable to achieve any reduction, while the other 50% lose four inches. Are the ASA saying it's no longer acceptable to use statistics in an advertisement? As for the "no time scales" bit, surely the stated weight loss must have been achieved over the course of the retreat? Which presumably lasts for a fixed length of time? Much though I love to see a company like Tesco getting a slapdown for any old shite, this decision doesn't seem to make much sense.
  • Paul S.
    The length of the retreat course is one week, Junkyard. If somebody lost over 4 stone in that time, then they really must have lopped a limb off.
  • F.D. A.
    It's both ridiculous that Tesco runs s something like that and slightly worrying that people think they can lose around one pound a day... Liposuction surely
  • BobF
    Liposuction or maybe a good bout of ebola or really severe food poisoning
  • cookie
    Do they do a Tesco Value version where your entire surroundings are stripey blue and white?
  • Skymarshall
    I lost a stone the other day. Dropped it in a pond.
  • Andy B.
  • John N.
    I could shit 4.5 pounds
  • Netball n.
    I would like to say that I have been on this week when they started and yes I lost over 7lbs and up to 2" loss over certain parts of my body. It was hard work but really enjoyed it and it was what I needed to kick start my new life.

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