Tesco customers asked to unpack goods before leaving store

At last, the nation breathes a sigh of relief - a Tesco story that has nothing whatsoever to do with yellow labels. Happy days.

Your favourite supermarket has begun a trial at stores in Guildford and Somerset to determine how wasteful consumers deem the supermarket's packaging to be. The scheme involves shoppers removing what they consider to be excess packaging from their purchases and leaving it at the store.

Similar schemes run in Germany, which is where the idea has been nabbed from. Tesco's head of energy, waste and recycling told The Guardian:

"We know our customers expect us to help them recycle easily and we have also committed ourselves to cutting our own waste. This unique pilot helps us do both. Packaging left by customers at the store will tell us a lot about areas we may need to look at again, as well as where we have got it right."

Short of carrying soup or chicken nuggets out the shop in your cupped hands, it's obviously not going to be applicable to most items. It'd be like when your mum put an apple and a jam tart in your packed lunch for school, which always resulted in the apple wearing the tart like a straw hat.

We suggest you go one further and dispatch with as much packaging as possible while you shop; neck a bottle of vino before you reach the sour faced mother-of-four on the checkout, or break your eggs into a large top hot to dispose of those cumbersome shells. None of this halfway-house nonsense, Tesco.



  • OFI
    Nice idea, hope it gets taken up down here. As the other comment says though we do need less packaging to begin with though.. Pizza boxes for instance.. quite pointless.
  • Schitstick
    Mike, are you ok?
  • Martin
    Pizza boxes are quite useful if you buy 10 pizzas and want to stack them, without the toppings getting squashed.
  • mel596
    I can't get my head around this recycling "(rubbish/garbage)" people are filling our heads with. It's obvious that if we were to give any thought to processes and/or "our enviroment!" Then we should have been using brown paper bags with handles for shopping, and making better use of cardboard than we have been doing for more packaging. Instead of the plastic that isn't biodegradeable, in our lifetime anyway! America unfortunately can hold this over us brits, as being more friendly to the enviroment in this particular case. But people are still not taking a serious enough view on this problem. With paper and cardboard qualities, being as versatile and as recycleable as they are. We need the enthusiasm from the manufacturers to the retailers (supported by central goverment) which decides where lots of our taxes are being drained to, To "Instigate" the beginning of the rest of our lives.
  • Johnski
    Call me a cynic, but dont supermarkets get paid for their recyclable materials? (see Asda advert reccently which said that because they recycle they pass on savings to customers) So by encouraging you to do this they gain more money and take it back from the council schemes. Sneaky Tesco.
  • jack
    april fools?
  • jack
    Mike - the whole point of this is to see what packaging is deemed unnecessary...........
  • Iain
    Exactly if cutomers concistently remove the same packaging then they will work on removing it in the manufacturing process
  • Matt S.
    @mel596 Can you explain to me exactly what the problem is with something plastic taking say 100 years to degrade, vs something cardboard only taking a couple. Is the earth not going to be here in 100 years time? Because otherwise why does it matter how long it takes provided it does happen? Paper is usually a better option when it comes from sustainable forests, but plastic only uses about a tenth as much fuel to transport.
  • arron
    what the fuck are you doing buying 10 pizzas ??
  • BarryB
    > what the fuck are you doing buying 10 pizzas ?? Some people have friends. And they have parties.

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