Tatu star in bewildering Japanese Snickers commercial

Remember Tatu? They burst into the pop world as lesbian Russians throwing out apocalyptic pop music and then... well... they kinda vanished and went back to Russia to make increasingly nudey pop videos.

Well, now they're back and they've done a Snickers commercial in Japan, donning their school uniforms and... to be honest, nothing makes sense about this advert.

But the slide tackle is hilariously sore looking.


  • Finbarr
    I'd like to get into their snickers. Sorry, I meant marathon.
  • cicobuff
    I don't understand any japanese but I guess its themed the same as the UK one whereby they have that guy who turns into a right diva when hungry (Joan Collins). Instead we have two baseball players who turn into Tatu...should have just had Tatu turn into Buggles, video killed the radio star perv who signed them.
  • Dick
    The length of their skirts makes perfect sense.
  • Mike O.
    Can we have links to these more recent videos please....

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