TalkTalk advert banned for 99.9% claim

TalkTalk We all know that businesses stretch the truth in adverts. Sometimes, they tell outrageous porkies too. So, with all that in mind, TalkTalk have had one of their adverts banned after they claimed its broadband connection was a "whopping 99.9pc reliable".

The Advertising Standards Authority said they weren't having any of it, and that the claim was in fact, misleading.

The TV commercial offered free unlimited broadband, and said: "TalkTalk would like to wish everyone a … free year. With totally unlimited broadband, free for a whole year, all you pay is £16.70 monthly line rental. Celebrate TalkTalk's best deal. With sparkling speeds of up to 17 meg, and a network connection that's a whopping 99.9% reliable."

Seems the ASA thought it was more a case of a whopper, rather than whopping. The watchdog said that the evidence provided by TalkTalk to back this claim up represented an average of exchanges for its core network from January to August 2014.

The ASA said in its ruling: "We were concerned that consumers would not be aware of the distinction between a provider's core network and a user's overall internet connection. We considered most consumers would be interested in the reliability of their end-to-end broadband connection up to the point of their router or into their home, rather than the reliability of certain portions of the overall connection, when making a decision to purchase a broadband package with a particular internet service provider."

"We also noted that there were external factors that would affect overall connection reliability, which we understood TalkTalk would not have control over. Because the evidence did not substantiate the likely interpretation of the claim, we concluded the ad was misleading."

So there you go. Not a lie, but not at all useful for customers.

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