The Premier Inn Challenge - where is this room with a view?

While slacking in front of the gogglebox and having our vision assaulted by lumbering unfunny funnyman Lenny Henry, his latest advert for Premier Inn caused a flutter of excitement. No need for the ad men to build Lenny a bigger bed to make their rooms seem spacious - this time it's the ladies who get to enjoy the perks of a room at a Premier Inn:

Premier Inn Challenge

Holy shitcakes, look at that! A Premier Inn with the perfect sea view! Most hotels would charge hundreds for such a picturesque vista, but with Premier Inn's low, low prices you'll be snapping it up for a few quid! Unless it's one of their hotels where they charge silly prices and you bugger off down the road to somewhere nicer. And unless it's a complete and utter work of fiction that in no way represents any aspect of real life.

So where is it, exactly? That's a very specific view, with its long sandy beach and red cliffs in the distance. Of course advertising agencies are prone to make things up, but is it in any way possible to book a room at a Premier Inn at a location that offers a similar outlook?

As our network of avid readers crosses the length and breadth of this fair isle, let us know if there are any candidate Premier Inns near you or that you've stopped in that could offer Lenny and the girls this dream view.


  • klingelton
    That's not a window. It's a painting which has been framed with curtains.
  • MarkGrld
    Could be Newquay, newish one overlooking Tolcarne Beach, bet it's the only room with that view though. And hope the soundproofing's good as it's right on the nightclub / burger king strip open all hours.
  • Mr G.
    Lenny Henry is the reason I sometimes watch 'Big and Small' the kid's program. ..and yes, there is some seriously creative studio lighting going on in that shot.
  • RichS
    this was the view from the bedroom window of the last premier inn i stayed at.[email protected]/5592964246/
  • MarkGrld
    @MarkGrld, don't be such an idiothole, Newquay seafront is a Travelodge
  • Pete W.
    Yeah,Saw this advert and thought the same.How can it be displayed on their main TV website and be totally made up? Thought they had to have some element of fact? If not may as well show a Travellodge with a palm-fringed Hawaiian idyll. What an utter load of lying garbage TV is.
  • Dick
    I can't see her C.
  • VB1
    Check out Weymouth Premier Inn. Not saying its the same view (it isn't) but from the top floor theres definitely a sea/coastline vista view from some rooms. Not saying the advert isn't a load of crap, but there are some pretty awesome Premier Inns - this being one.
  • OlPeculier
    There is a Premier Inn in Scarborough that will have sea views from the top floor. There is the slight issue of the Grand Hotel and the Town Hall blocking most of the view, but beggers and choosers etc...
  • Stopping B.
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  • Darren
    It is "Premier Inn Paignton (Goodrington Sands)" As in google maps, you can see it matches perfect. (based on sat view and street view) Except for the weather, as they have enhanced theirs. Simples. Darren.
  • Darren
    eg:[email protected]/5686313025/[email protected]/5686880454/
  • kimbo f.
    @RichS - WOW you had a great view!! ours was rather different...
  • Natalie M.
    Hi All, I work at Premier Inn and noticed this post about the view from one of our hotel windows. Thought you might like to know that the view is real, and Darren was spot on, it’s our Paignton Goodrington Sands branch. Weather’s looking great for the weekend and there’s availability at £71 a night if anyone’s interested : )
  • FOUND! B.
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  • andy y.
    @olpeculiar the hotel at scarborough is a Travelodge.As you say SOME of the rooms have a partially obstructed but decent sea view.Arrive early smile and say please and you should get one.Some of the rooms are pretty big and off season start from £19. Parking is a bitch tho.

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