Supermarket brands just as good say shoppers

finest More shoppers are opting for supermarket's own label brands than the name brands.

Own brand items accounted for 54% of UK supermarket sales, according to some research by Neielsen.

The research group found that 71% of UK consumers think that the quality of own-brands has improved, while 50% said they would buy more if greater variety was on offer.

The game is increasingly up for name brands too, as some 60% of shoppers reckon own-brand gear was as good as the real stuff. That's nearly double the response that it got four years ago.

42% reckoned that some own-label brands were better quality than name brands and only 26% thought that own-brands were the unthinkable when quality was a consideration.

The total own-label sales in the UK is nearly three times that of the global average.

The premium end of own-brand, with the likes of Tesco Finest (examples pictured) and Asda Extra Special have been increasingly popular too.

The global survey was compiled from more than 30,000 online respondents.

Mike Watkins, Nielsen UK’s head of retailer and business insight, said: "The perception of own-brand products has improved dramatically in recent years.

"As with manufacturer brands, retailers have, over time, successfully built equity into their own-brand products by investing in product innovation, further developing ranges and increasing marketing activity."

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