Subway force-feed their customers spam

6 July 2011

Props to Subway and their 'pro-active' marketing team, who have stumbled upon the ingenious idea of opting people into their marketing spam on the assumption they simply haven't had time to do so themselves.

Avid Bitterwallet Chris has a Subway card but hasn't never bothered opting into their email promotions. Probably because he was too busy, right? Nah, he really didn't want the emails and so didn't do so out of choice. Not to worry though, he's now going to get them whether he wants them or not. Yay!

Bitterwallet - subway marketing emails

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  • Chris
    Seems a bit silly to sign up for a rewards scheme but not opt-in to being sent details of offers which relate to said scheme... Of course, that is no excuse for them opting people in to their emails without consent
  • Jamlid
    What a bunch of dicks.
  • zacspeed
  • Wonky
    I hope f0xes rip their bins open for them.
  • Another A.
    They also gave me food poisoning last weekend Where do I opt out of that?
  • zax
    I have gotten so many e-mails with coupons for FREE " sub, FREE drink, etc. ever since Subcard started. You are mad not to want to get their emails.
  • Ricky R.
    Who the #### eats this muck ? Gotta die of something I guess
  • Ricky R.
    How can you censor the word #### but not the word ####### ?
  • Ricky R.
    Oh, you can, maybe its just me that your not going to let swear then, bastards are out to get me
  • Dick
    Can I fucking well swear by saying cunt? Please.
  • Dick
    There you go, just add please.
  • Barry B.
    Everyone who has looked at this article has now been automatically added to the mailing list and you will be receiving free-be offers and huge discounts. Sorry no way to unsubscribe.

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