Spotify ad-eraser appears - don't use it though...

23 August 2012

spotify-logo We love Spotify but if you’ve got the free version, listening to the same ads over and over again can be a soul-destroying experience. If only there was a way that you could mute the adverts and give you a music-only experience.

Well there isn’t. What there is though, is a piece of script that will mute the ads, but it’s only recommended for people who are in a region where they cannot pay for the ad-free pro Spotify.

Got that? Although theoretically this script will leave dead air where the ads are, you REALLY shouldn’t use it unless you’re unable to upgrade to a pro account.

Okay? Why are you winking at us like that?


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  • Chewbacca
    Great. I don't use spotify anywhere near enough to justify paying for it, what really pisses me off is the volume of the ads. FAR too loud compared to the tracks you play.
  • ben
    or just use grooveshark with no audio adverts...
  • Tom
    But grooveshark has about 3 tracks on it.
  • klingelton
    pay for it you cheapskates. it's an excellent service and worth every penny of the £120 a year. i've not bought a cd since signing up. and i've stopped illegally downloading that i never started in the first place.... what's wrong with my eye? there's a weightlifting bug in there and im trying to suffocate him, but he keeps lifting my eyelid up...
  • FJ
    Are the ads really there to support the software, or do they deliberately play the same ones to annoy you into buying it?
  • Businessman
    What the fuck is "Apple script"?
  • Youngy
    Why not make it clear that AppleScript is on Mac's, so this only works on Mac's.

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