Specsavers make half decent Euro 2012 gag

Implying the referee or his assistants need glasses is a well-worn joke, but Specsavers have put a cheeky twist on it with this Euro 2012 advert. Of course, it celebrates England being hugely jammy against Ukraine... would they have had the nuts to do it if the shoe was on the other foot?


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  • Roy H.
    Why the fuck is NO ONE at all from any news outlet mentioning the fact that Ukraine were offside in the fucking build up to the 'goal' which was missed so if it had been given it would have been unfair to England? News Wankers.
  • You
    Perhaps because the goal wasnt given? I can only imagine the sensational headline. "PLAYER OFFSIDE! Nothing happened though" Coming next week, our 8 part serialisation about when John Terry took a free kick and passed it to Gerrard, but get this: the ball wasnt stationary!!!
  • Roy H.
    No but they're all moaning that the goal should have been given. It shouldn't, they were offside.

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