Size is everything, especially when it's a Groupon deal

If you subscribe to Groupon's email alerts, you get the sense all isn't as planned at the original daily deals website. A year ago, the site seemed by have momentum in attracting local businesses on board to trial their service - but those trials don't appear to be converting into return custom, and Groupon is straying back into the generic deals territory favoured by their competitors.

Along with teeth whitening, paintballing and spa days, one regular deal that's never far away is printed canvas - it seems to come around every couple of weeks. The latest offer caught the eye of avid Bitterwallet reader Jane:

"I'm a bit of a sucker for the canvas deals, because it's a cheap way to fill a blank wall in my new house. That said, I'm not happy with the way Groupon are flogging them. Take a look at the deal from yesterday:"

Bitterwallet - Groupon canvas deal

"I don't know who's been measuring up for Groupon, but if you're going to illustrate a deal you should show what the customer can expect to buy, and not something that's nowhere close to the deal on offer."

Unless the three-seat couch belongs to Tom Thumb, there's no way the canvas is 30 inches wide - in fact it looks like it's twice the size of the product on offer. Would most customers realise that? Groupon has already fallen foul of the Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) for misleading customers online - this looks like yet another example.


  • Emma
    I was interested in that offer too, and I agree that the image is quite mis-leading.
  • jack
    So you have a dig at groupon, yet still use your personalised link so that when people click it, you get Groupon credit and go and buy more stuff from groupon?
  • Grumpy
    WTF Is dis real?
  • Kris
    KGB Deals are at it too: @Emma don't buy it. YouFrame are crap. I bought a groupon in may and ordered straight away in May! I still don't have my canvas!
  • andy y.
    Paul Ross would be livid
  • Paul S.
    Jack - go back and read the story; this came from a reader. Happy to replace the link with a generic one if you can find it.

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