Shameless moonlighting from Peter Halpin

moonlightingTV was the only medium I could truly trust. Whilst all other artforms are notoriously full of lies, television was the only one without a commercial agenda.

That's right isn't it?

Whilst TV has told me precisely zero lies in my time on Earth, it then turns around and kicks me in the stones. How?

By shamelessly promoting moonlighting.

The man you see here on the right is called Peter Halpin. I completely believed that he was a driving instructor for RED Driving School. He told me that, by becoming a driving instructor, I could change my life. Then, just when I was about to take the plunge (despite having no driving license, car or hands), Halpin turns up telling me something entirely different!

Wearing a badly printed polo tee, Halpin has the gall to strut around promoting Simplify Digital. His t-shirt even has the cheek to say "Impartial Advisor" on it! My eye!

Now, I Just don't know who or what to believe. I can feel myself becoming more cynical and jaded by the second thanks to Peter Halpin's moonlighting. I was going to teach people to drive... then I was going to get a top with 'Impartial Advisor' written on the front... I don't know what to do or think anymore.

[Peter Halpin has his own YouTube channel, unbelievably]


  • spong_miester
    Is it just me, Or does anyone feel the sudden urge to slap him? Kind of like those 'Impartial Advisers' you get in Curry, Dixon's, that always strangely advise you to buy the most expensive TV in their range.......
  • Oh M.
    You need to get a proper job
  • Joff
    Peter Halpin or "advert Pete" as I like to call him, never claimed to be a driving instructor, that was just something you assumed. Silly Mof.
  • Pedant
    Maybe he's the new Barry Scott?
  • Steve
    BANG!! And the licence is yours!
  • Mark P.
    You mean to tell me that we can no longer trust TV? Does that mean that Kerry Katona is not a good mum who loves shopping at Iceland? Does that mean that Gloria Hunniford does not lower her cholosterol with Flora Proactiv? I don't know what to do now.
  • Fuzzy M.
    Don't go getting big-headed Peter - you only fooled Mof - We all knew you were acting :-)
  • andy y.
    Is this all because Halpin got you blacked writing for Future?
  • Barry S.
    Shanks here. I can't imagine that it gives this fellow any great pleasure having to whore his talents out to 'Specsavers Dispensing Advancement Training DVDs' and the like. And I actually thought him quite good in the driving school advert (less so in the Simplify Digital one to be honest). He's just a man doing his job, so let's leave him be.
  • William R.
    I have a very good feeling that Peter appreciates the support from you all, with the obvious exceptions of spong_meister and Oh Deary Me. (Oh Deary Me appears to havea very ironic name there - that was exactly my thought when I read his/her comment - that IS Peter's job, you idiot! As Barry has kindly linked Peter's website, I have linked to his YouTube page. He is an actor - you know, pretending...? Does Billy Murray work for Lawyers 4 You?* *Rhetorical question.
  • A r.
    Er .... This is a joke from 'MOF' right? MOF can't really be watching TV adverts thinking that they're telling the truth can he? Does that mean MOF watches Casualty (or ER for international readers) believing that when someone dies that they happened to have a camera on them at the exact moment? Or that Carrie Bradshaw really does exist in 'Sex and the City' maybe? I work in the TV industry and let me tell you the following, Peter Halpin would not have: - ANY say in the editing of the advert, or it's content - he would have read his lines, maybe ad-libbed a few which would then be put together by another person (The editor) - ANY say on what the depiction of his role is (He NEVER actually says he is a driving instructor does he MOF?) -ANY say in when, or how much the advert is broadcast - ANY say on if any of his other adverts are broadcast at the same time or on the same channel. Peter Halpin is an actor. Therefore he is paid to come in and read lines that others have written. It is unfortunate that the likes of MOF cannot distinguish between truth and fiction, due to this idiocy I'm sure Mr. Halpin is being held back in his career by people constantly associating him with these ads. MOF, if you are employed, I'm sure you've had many number of jobs, I'm sure many of which you don't feel like you should have your own personal life associated with eh? Maybe when you worked in McDonalds? Or when you swept the s**t off the streets? But maybe when you worked as a sperm donor you were in your right vocation - a useless w*nker.
  • Boom R.
    I am an actor and anyone who confuses TV and film etc with real life needs to be admitted into a mental hospital. Nuff said. This page should be removed as it is probably affecting his career in a negative way. And I'm sick of every Tom, D*ck & Harry, in MOF'S case - D*CK, spouting their nonsense and passing judgement on stuff they know nothing about. Peter Halpin doesn't come into your workplace and criticize you at your job does he? In regards to editing of adverts, the last post hits the nail on the head - actors are only paid to read and act out what they are given and have no say how this appears on TV - yet it is us who get the stick and abuse for it. No-one deserves the abuse I have heard directed towards Peter Halpin in regards to some silly little adverts - this could be deemed as harrassment and defamation of character and I would advise people (MOF especially) to watch what they say in the future. A public comment is a liabal comment. I believe if Mr Halpin wanted to, he has good grounds to sue you. You should be more careful. And on a final note where is your compassion towards a fellow human being? What's he done to you?
  • Andy D.
    Three new comments in the space of 90 minutes on what is a three month old story? Hmmm..... Hi Peter!
  • The q.
    Hello Andy, et al, I was made aware of this recently, but, until now, have not made comment. I don't know who those are to have left those messages; they may be friends of mine, but if they are, they didn't tell me about doing it. It is nice, whether they are friends or not, that they see the reality of the situation and support me. I have had a lot of silly, misguided and very inappropriate things said about me as a result of my job in these commercials, like the words of MOF here in this instance. I am, however, unaffected by it and merely laugh it off - you need a thick skin in this industry after all. That said, it would be so much better if people would refrain from spouting such nonsense, especially so publicly. I am still very much a working actor and presenter and will continue to play a variety of roles in various media. I really hope this doesn't upset too many people. I may even add things to my YouTube channel, not particularly unbelievably. Peter
    • Andy D.
      Peter, Can you explain why the comment from 'William Rowe' came from the same IP address as the one from where you left your comment earlier today? Funny that. You really shouldn't take it all so seriously mate.
  • The q.
    Yes. It's a shared computer. Funny that.
    • Andy D.
      But you said "I don’t know who those are to have left those messages; they may be friends of mine, but if they are, they didn’t tell me about doing it." Bizarre.
  • In B.
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  • Mof G.
    Hello. I'm Mof. I've been on suicide watch all Christmas thanks to this Peter Halpin character. I got his face tattooed on my chest in the hope that it would enable me to trust... nay... love again. Now I'M the one being accused of being inappropriate and... *prepares the bath and throws a two-bar heater in*
  • Tessa V.
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  • Deathwatch: B.
    [...] maybe he won’t be in the slightest bit arsed. That’s because he isn’t actually a Red driving instructor but a supremely gifted actor instead, a human chameleon who can be a driving instructor one moment [...]
  • ADI R.
    Thousands of gullible people bought into his blurb of becoming a driving instructor, and they have lost the shirt off their back. He and the silly woman who has more make-up plastered over her face than she has common sense have a lot to answer for regarding the misery that has been inflicted on the unfortunate people who now have to buy new shirts. Pillocks who con people who have not the slightest chance of being driving instructors due to their unsuitability should be culled from the population.
  • Ihateadverts
    oooooh came searching for this site after seeing peter in another shockingly bad advert, but after reading all the comments I feel a bit sorry for him. sorry mate hope you can get some decent work soon.... all the best.
  • Moises S.
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