‘Sexy’ e-cig ad makes 1,156 people gag

Another day, another dodgy advert that treats women like sex dolls, this time for VIP e-cigarettes. E-cig advertising is controversial anyway, without making an ad featuring a quite angry looking and aroused woman saying ‘I want to see it. Feel it, hold it. Put it in my mouth.’ HAHA, she’s talking about e-cigarettes, but it’s hilarious because you – yes, you, the saddo on the sofa with the joggies that smell of rotten vegetables – you think she’s talking about your knob!


The classy folks at VIP did a male version (for, you know, balance) with him very helpfully asking: ‘Do you want to see it? I can get it out if you'd like. You can feel it hold it, put it in your mouth and see how great it tastes.’

THEN, the piece de resistance of awfulness was the tagline – ‘if you wanna vape, then vape with VIP’. Geddit? We’re assuming ‘vape’ refers to ‘vapours' but hey, ‘Vape’ also rhymes with RAPE. HAHA, clever, eh? Someone find that copywriter and give him (let's hope it's a him) a huge congratulatory kick in the balls for that one.

Anyway, there have been 1,159 completely justified complaints to the ASA due to the overtly sexualized nature of the ad, which was broadcast in the ad breaks between 'I'm A Celebrity' last year.

Clearcast originally cleared the ad to appear after the 9pm watershed, and said that they didn’t think it was demeaning or sexist, it was just suggestive. While the ASA haven’t banned it outright, it can only be broadcast after 11pm.

How about just throwing it in a landfill with all the e-cigarettes?


  • Mark C.
    If you can't advertise real cigs why can you advertise synth cigs?
  • Ian T.
    "We’re assuming ‘vape’ refers to ‘vapours’ but hey" A simple Google of the word would answer that question. Vaping is the term used to describe smoking an e-cig, vape is derived from it. You might want to Google journalism whilst your at it, because you miss the mark by a country mile.
  • Stu
    'Vape' IS an established way to describe what you do with e-cigarettes (i.e. rather than 'smoke' which would of course be technically inaccurate)...
  • minisith
    Why don't people use their hate on real cigarettes that has proven to kill and pollute the planet with butts?

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